26 August 2013

Sydney abcd social: Winter Warmer Sept 2013

It’s time to get out from behind those computers/laptops/smart phones, kick off those ugg boots, and get meeting other creatives face-to-face at the Sydneyabcd social. Say what? We’ve had a re-brand! We’re more than just a meet-up, we’re a social group (offline) that’s into social (online) and we love to help you get to know each other, form collaborations and make friends with like-minded folk.

Let’s get back to basics with a good old-fashioned Winter Warmer at our favourite cosy wine bar, The Three Weeds in Rozelle. Let’s embrace the opportunity to chat over a nice glass of red or whatever takes you fancy in an intimate setting before the temps pick up and and the silly season kicks in.

Lisa Tilse (the red thread) and I will be hosting a relaxing evening of catching up and meeting new friends. We will dedicate about 30 minutes to small group discussions around the topic “What is your dream for the next 3 years?”. You never know who in your group might be able to help your dream along.

We will have a Collaboration Board on display for you to add any upcoming projects that you might need some help with or want to collaborate with someone interesting on. E.g. Looking for a  photographer for a kids clothing editorial for my blog. Looking for someone good at sewing to help me finish up some orders before the markets. Looking for a great pom pom maker to help make props for my online store photos.

And by popular demand, we will be providing goodie bags for you to fill up with your mementos. Pop in something to help your new friends remember you – maybe something you have made, or baked, or something from your stash. Please note “Goodie Bag” registrations are now closed for those participating - there are 28 goodie bags. All goodie bag participants will receive one in return.

Sound like fun?  RSVP below now to join us. Make sure you are on our email mailing list. as we will send out a list of who is coming before the event.

We can't wait to see you there,

Steph & Lisa


Date: 7-9pm, Wednesday 4th September 2013

Location: Venue: The 3 Weeds Hotel (back bar), 197 Evans St, Rozelle, NSW

Hashtag: #abcdsocial

Cost: Free. There is a bar with drinks and food available to purchase if you wish.

RSVP: in the comments section below with you name and your blog/business/label/website/brand. Note “Goodie Bag” registrations are now closed (there are 28 goodie bags).

Parking/Transport: There is limited street parking available around the venue. We encourage you to use public transport – there are buses that run right down Victoria Rd and you can alight at the BP on the corner of Evans St, Rozelle.

What is abcd Social: abcd stands for artist, bloggers, crafters and designers. We run quarterly events for creatives to meet offline in a relaxed, informal environment. You can find photos and posts of previous events on the abcd social page here on Bondville 

PS: We’re also on Facebook
PPS: New logo by the ever fabulous Lisa Tilse (the red thread)


  1. Yay! I will definitely be there... can't wait! And I would love to participate in the goodies bag :)

    Lamina @ do a bit

  2. Ill be there :) & will be in the goodie bags Xx thanks Steph & Lisa

  3. Oh no - I can't make it, we've got a birthday dinner. Hopefully next time, I'd love to catch up with you & Lisa.

  4. I would like to come please (for the first time, ooh!) and I will try my hand at the goodie bag too ;-)

    How many goodie bags will there be?

    Thank you,
    Sophie :-)

  5. Oh yes please and I am in for the Goodie Bag :)

  6. Would love to be included in the goodie bag Lv Nicole & Sarah ox

  7. Yes please! I am in for the goodie bag too :)

  8. See you there ladies and include me in the goodie bag. Sophie (Scoops)

  9. Missed the last one, so doubly excited for this one. Count me in for goodie bag too please.

  10. Hi there, YES I will be there for sure...how many goodie bags - count me in!
    Lee Mills
    "Just Like Martha"

  11. Yay!
    I'll be there and yes please to opting in for the Goodie Bag!

  12. Kelly (that vintage caravan)8:23 pm, August 27, 2013

    I'll be there x

  13. Sounds super. Love to come & goodie bag too-yes please.

  14. Would love to attend and will contribute to the goodie bag.

  15. Lisa - InKognito Surface Design11:01 am, August 28, 2013

    Hi, so pleased I can make it this time - in for the goodie bag too!

  16. Yay, I can make it this time. Please count me in for the goodie bag

    (previously Posh Nosh)

  17. I would love to attend. Sorry can't participate in the goodie bag this time because I only just found out about this great event.


  18. Hello, I will be able to make it on Wednesday night and please count me in to add to the goody bag.
    Now it's time for me to think of a three year plan.

  19. hello,

    I would love to catch up with everyone :) Goodies bag sounds fun too :)

    Sheryl Cole

  20. Yay! Looking forward to catching up. xx Tess at Polli
    Ps. I'll try think of something for the goodie bags too.

  21. Ooh, I am so hoping I can make it! I might be able to get there a bit later. Please don't include me in the lovely goodie bag, as I'm an all-round maybe.

  22. Hi Steph,
    Yes please :-) will be lovely to catch up again. And please include me in the goodie bags too! See you there. Susie x

  23. Yes Please and Yes to Goodie Bag!
    Anni Payne
    Milk & Honey Photography

  24. Hi Steph!
    I'll be there!At long long last!!Thank-you so very much for including me and please count me in for the goodie bag!Wonderful!xxxxCath

  25. Another one I'm going to miss :-( but hey I'll be in London, then Paris :-D

  26. Looking forward to it!
    Please add 4 individuals to the list of attendees. I'll let you know names shortly.
    Please add two of those individuals to the Goodie bag list at this stage (I might be able to get the other two interested though!).

  27. I will be there and would love to take part in the goodie bag!

  28. Yes! count me in too and I'll be making something for the Goody bag!

  29. Hi Yes I will be there, cant wait and count me in for the goodie bag also. Jen(onesweetchick)

  30. Yes, I will be there. Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes.

    I would like to participate in the goodie bags - do we have a final number yet?

    Kim-Marie x

  31. Hi Kim-Marie, I will send out an email tonight with final numbers but a quick count shows 29 goodie bags (including your own). Steph

  32. Really excited for this. See you there!

  33. hope to make it see all you lovely ladies!


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