20 August 2013

Giveaway: New Kip and Co kids bedding - Dappled Dreams

The fabulous trio of Hayley, Kate and Alex from Kip & Co. have killed it yet again with their Spring Summer 2013 bedding collection for adults and kids. Dappled Dreams is all bats, pretzels and match sticks mix-and-match in peach, gold, rust, pinky-purple and inky blues. It's a clash of colour that somehow works in only the way that the clever Kip & Co. team can dream up. Let's take a look...

No-one makes bats look cooler:

Love the layered bed - so very Princess And The Pea. And now I need to find a huge disco ball. Oh and I spot a pretty Tutu du Monde tutu too!

I'm dreaming of a ski cabin that looks exactly like this:

The gorgeous Croc design (that has inspired dozens of imitations) is back in a pastel colourway and is sure to go bananas.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a giveaway? If you would like your very own single quilt cover and pillow set in the fabulous purple pretzel design, make sure you are a Bondville monthly newsletter subscriber, and note your favourite piece from the collection, as well as leave your name and contact details in the comment section below. Entries close midnight 31st August 2013. Deliveries to Australian addresses only.

I asked Kate from Kip & Co. a few probing questions about the current collection:

Kate - it's all pretty fabulous. Was Dappled Dreams inspired by any one thing?
We started the brainstorming process by talking about what Summers had meant to each of us.  Hayley and I (being sisters) had experienced pretty similar summers growing up and while memories had varied, the sentiment and locations had usually been the same.  And while we didn't know Alex yet, her family had lived very close (Merricks) to where we spent Summer breaks (Somers) so she too contributed a very similar Summer memory.  It was quite amazing actually how our ideas just merged together like we had been together all those years back.  80's beach vibes, seaweedy sand, salty air, summer friends, great food... it was all in the mix for each of us.

Do you all design every piece, or do each of you add an idea to the melting pot?
Every piece is worked on by each of us and is a true collaboration of each persons ideas... from print, style to colour.

All the pieces seem to mix-and-match so well, but do you have any suggestions for combinations that work best together?
Our lookbook is probably the best reference for this as we have compiled every combination that you see. But to name a few I'd suggest the Obus and Peach Spots or Matchstick Peach, the Croc Pastel and Chambray and the Matchstick Black with the Spots Tan for those looking for something less bright and maybe a touch more masculine.  I've gotta say though, the Chambray will go with everything!!  And as for the kids, the pretzels are knockout.  We are beyond excited about how they have turned out.  Pair them with the spots sheet - beautiful.

I love that the Bats design works so well with licensed Batman products. Please tell me that you're working on a design to work with Dora...
Probably won't happen just yet, but we know we'd have a strong customer base in Hayley's kids - that's for sure.  They are Dora mad!

You can find Kip & Co. bedding in the online store as well as stockists around Australia, NZ and online.

Images: Kip & Co.

Kip & Co. Pretzel Quilt Set Giveaway
To enter, simply comment on this page with your favourite piece from the Kip & Co. Dappled Dreams collection and ensure that you are a subscriber to the Bondville monthly newsletterEntries close midnight 31st August 2013 AEST, and the winner will be announced (based on most interesting comment) on Sunday 1st September 2013 here on Bondville. 

Terms and Conditions:
1. One entry per person allowed.
2. To enter, comment on this post with your favourite piece from the Kip & Co. Dappled Dreams collection and ensure that you are a subscriber to the Bondville monthly newsletter.
3. Include your email address or a link to your website where I can comment or find your email address.
4. This competition is open to entrants in Australia only.
5. This competition is hosted by Steph Bond-Hutkin via the Bondville blog at blog.stephbond.com.
6. The prize consists of a Pretzel (Purple) Single Quilt & Pillowcase Set from Kip & Co., RRP AUD$185.00
7. Competition opens 6:00pm 20th August 2013  and closes 11:59pm Saturday 31st August 2013 AEST.
8. This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment, and notified by email and via a post on Bondville on Sunday 1st September 2013.


  1. Hi Steph! I have just discovered Kip & Co recently via the Melbourne Design Market on Pinterest. Oh, aren't the designs delightful? Most bedding is so boring - maybe that's the point, it puts you to sleep... Yawn! But my eyes were so refreshed seeing the Kip & Co quilt covers. I want to party all night long with the *Pastel Croc* set, it reminds me of a summer carnival and sorbet by the beach. So happy! x

  2. Having lived in Germany about 20 years ago and still reminiscing about fresh, hot pretzels how could I go past the Pretzel design! YUM!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The child in me absolutely loves the cartoon style Pretzel design (in purple). It makes me wanna droll like Homer Simpson "Mmmm, pretzels, uuuggzzhhh...".

    It is whimisical and fun and delicious :)

  5. Im lovin the pretzel design for sure.

  6. I'm in love with the black and white matchstick design! Also how devine does it look with the tan spot sheets! That combo reminds me somehow of chocolate, licorice and jaffas all jumbled together......I mean really you can't get a tastier bed than that!

  7. Love love love, these ladies are amazing!
    The whimsical pretzel has to be my favourite, their use of colour in inspirational.
    Alarna Oconnell

  8. Michelle Wendels9:20 am, August 21, 2013

    I love the bat design!! I have two boys I would definately get one for both!

  9. We love the Pretzel design..so bright, unique and beautiful. The only worry I have is that every time I tuck my daughter in a night I'm going to have a craving for pretzels...and we know how addictive they can be. I can never stop at one..can you?? Does this mean I'm going to get addicted to Kip and Co linen? (oh well..I think i'm already addicted!)

  10. Pastel croc!! My favourite! Beautiful and perfect for my beautiful and perfect girl:)

  11. The Pastel croc is completely amazeballs. But who can go past the purple pretzel?!
    All I can say is, "these pretzels are making me thirsty!"!!!


  12. And clearly in A) my excitement at the explosion of awesomeness, and B) my desperate need to quench my thirst, ^^^, I misspelled my email address!

    Let's try that again shall we:

  13. I love the pretzels!!!

  14. I actually discovered Kip & Co via The Design Files, I'm in love with there line and think it's so different from anything else in Australia.

  15. Everything Kip & Co. just screams "fun!". So hard to pick a fave but I think pretzels will give anyone sweet and salty yummy dreams x

  16. Beautiful collection. I just love the matchsticks in peach and the pastel croc. But it's all gorgeous.

  17. The pastel croc is gorgeous, but my favourite for my daughter's room would have to be the pretzel!

  18. What would help smooth the transition for my little three year old having to share her room with her new baby sister soon more than pretzel bedding! wahoo! Scrumptious to look at and would brighten up her room and help chase away those nightmares. I may possibly be caught chewing the bedding during some 4am feeds though, they do look that delicious!


  19. love them all but hard to go past the gorgeous pretzel print. Way to go Kip & Co for producing another range of fun and different bedding. Thanks for the comp!


  20. I am in love with the new croc pattern in pastel. Kip & Co are killing it again this season! Mel x


  21. Nicole Johnstone1:56 pm, August 21, 2013

    It's raining pretzels!!! Hallelujah it's raining pretzels!!!
    Simply a fun, colourful, gorgeous kids quilt set. I LOVE THIS SET!!! The pretzels set is a favourite between 2 out my 4 kids...... We might have to take turns:)

  22. Love Pretzel design, perfect for kids' room.

  23. BATMAN na na na na na na na na na na na batman!!

  24. I actually love the Pretzel! They are amazing... if only they did the quilt cover in a Queen as well! Totally Adult appropriate! : )

  25. The BATS & SPOTS would really rock,
    but what about the CROC?
    The MATCHSTICK is really cool,
    but I love the OBUS too!
    There's nothing better than sweet yummy food,
    So I think the PRETZEL will do

    Danielle x


  26. I love the pastel croc the best but the pretzels would be fantastic on my daughters bed too.

  27. Absolutely love them all! I would pick the Matchstick for me but can't go past the Bat print for my son - he would love it and even has bat-print PJs that would match :) Too cute for words.

  28. omg... that Crock pastel RUG!! ARGH! I'm dying! Wrap me up in it please!!

  29. Pretzel (White) Single Sheet Set. Looks very tasty!

  30. I love the croc design, go well with my kids curtains.

    Thai Berrenson

  31. would love to kit my sons room in the bat design.

    these would have to be the holy grail of bedding.

    love love love.

  32. The pink pretzles goes perfectly with my daughters ikea kitchen! Let her imagination run wild!

  33. The Croc (Pastel) design will certainly brighten my room and especially my mood =)

  34. I love Obus because it reminds me of my dreams - whimsical and magical. Also it looks a lot like my old school paintings ;)

  35. I love the purple pretzel design!!! Who doesn't love a bit of confetti combined with bright colours.

  36. Danielle Trovato3:27 pm, August 29, 2013

    Matchsticks all the way!


  37. Mellisa Counsell3:49 pm, August 29, 2013

    I am bat bat batty for the bat single quilt and pillowcase! how batastic would that be in my grandsons room for his 3rd batday celebrations


  38. I really love the bright vibrant colours in the collection, I would proudly make my kids beds with any of these designs, they certainly would brighten up any room, I love the bats design especially

  39. Boys bedding designs have been overlooked for too long. Love you bats and matchsticks range. Congrats on designing bed linen that is truly unique and versatile.

  40. Jackie said...

    I'm jumping on the Pretzel bandwagon.....
    Perfect Purple Pretzels are a clear winner in our house!!!!!!!
    Plenty of dappled dreams under this delicious bedding.


  41. Kip & Co designs are 'out of the box', original, and just plain fun! My favourite has to be the Pretzel. Takes me back to family movie nights in the 80's - bowls of fantails, jaffas, rainbow popcorn, and pretzels. Pretzels are a school lunchbox treat in our home now and then, and I am known to sneak a pack to take to work too....

  42. Yeti's love confetti, but the cats prefer the bats! Ok, that's ridiculously silly -- I love love love the Confetti for me and Calvin digs the bats. So awesome the super-bedding has no super-branding!

  43. White pretzel looks good enough to eat. Nom nom nom

  44. LOVE LOVE the gorgeous Croc design. Funky, chic, out-there, grabbing and yet fun for all ages. Please spoil this super big kid.

    Rosalie Bernacki

  45. I can't go past the gorgeous Croc Pastel quilt cover, the combination of colours would work it's magic in my bedroom giving me sweet dreams as I relive my summer childhood holiday memories of playing at the gorgeous beach on yellow sand, the blue sky and still water, the splashes of colourful swimming towels and swimmers mix matching together to create a gorgeous unique masterpiece.
    Cathy Stone cathhappy@gmail.com

  46. For my little boy who is full of adventure and fun,
    adding the 'Bat's' design in the room would make it a rockin' one.
    Sleep time in the bat cave would be great on these sheets,
    and having dreams of super heroes would be rather neat!
    Virginia Mason vkmason@hotmail.com

  47. There was a wee boy named Axel,
    Who dreamed of sleeping on pretzels
    He fell off the bed and hurt his bum
    And woke all all covered in crumbs!

    (p.s Adore "Check Aqua")

  48. We're going batty over here for the bat design


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