3 July 2013

Peaches and Keen fun bright jewellery and homewares

Melbourne-based Peaches + Keen (graphic designer Lily Daly and gold and silversmith Lucy Hearn) are so much fun to follow on Instagram. I am constantly wowed by their fun, bright jewellery and homewares creations that will add a happy vibe on the dreariest of winter days.

In the Peaches + Keen online store you will currently find artworks, hanging planters and disco jewellery to make you smile. The planters would look amazing in any room of the house, but I think they would add some amazing colour to a child's room - and lots of lovely fresh oxygen for the little ones to breathe in. And need I say anything about those earrings?!?! Want with a capital W!

Images: Peaches + Keen

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  1. These are all so lovely designs. These are perfect for my little princess' room.


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