25 July 2013

Mik Maks modern nursery rhyme wall stickers

Mik Maks are two illustrators from Melbourne who design modern nursery rhyme-inspired wall stickers for children's rooms. The team have worked for 20 years designed kids' products and wanted to create a wall decorations that would inspire interactivity - parents and children talking through the stories together or dreaming up new ones. There's so much for young imaginations to ponder in each illustration...

The growth charts are cool too - grow along with Jack's beanstalk!

Add the packs together to mix and match your own crazy nursery rhyme and create a giant mural. The stickers are made from premium vinyl and will adhered to walls, glass, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. Fun!

You can find Mik Maks wall decals in the online store.

Images: Mik Maks

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