8 July 2013

L'ASCARI handmade Man Candles

I'm on a roll with great Father's Day gifts this week. I found these gorgeous Man Candles from Australian label L'ASCARI on the weekend at the Sunshine Coast and fell for their snappy packaging, nostalgic charm and man-friendly scents.

The full L'ASCARI collection includes candles, reed diffusers, man candles and votive candles. Each candle is made by hand-pouring pure soy wax and hand-mixing the perfumes here in Australia.

How fun are the Man Candle scents - Sawdust, Vodka & Schnapps, Old Oak Tree, Open Field and Espresso! Perfect for the office, bathroom or the man cave. I think I'd like one for me too.

You can find L'ascari in the online store as well as stockists across Australia.

Images: L'ASCARI

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