11 July 2013

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat party for 3-year-old Brooke

The Cat In The Hat is the business in our house. In fact, whenever we visit Nanna and Pops, we are greeted by Pops in his Cat In The Hat hat and matching tshirt at the airport. How cool is that! So when Janel sent me the images from her daughter's Dr. Seuss party, the girls went nuts. My big girl is now trying to work out how to merge her mermaid party ideas into a Cat In The Hat theme. Um....

Here are some photos of Brooke's 3rd birthday party, with most artwork made by Janel. The games are fantastic too. So much fun - Janel you're amazing! Read on for all the tips, tricks and details...

Party: Brooke's 3rd Birthday
Organised by: Mum Janel
Location: our home/garage and backyard, Sydney
Theme: Dr. Seuss Extravaganza
Invitation: A rhyming email invitation in the theme of Dr. Seuss

Cake: Made by Mum - vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and a fondant Cat In The Hat book.

Party food: All Dr. Seuss themed:
+ The Lorax Truffula seeds (cheese balls)
+ Hop on Popcorn
+ Eat a snack with Brown (peanut butter sandwich) and Black (vegemite sandwich)
+ Horton Hotdogs
+ Green Eggs And Ham sugar cookies
+ Truffula fruits (fruit plate)
+ Moose juice and Goose Juice (apple and Ribena drink bottles)
+ Schlippity-Schlippity (homemade spinach dip and crackers)
+ Thing 1 and Thing 1 cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant circles, written on with edible pen)

Decorations: Mostly made by Mum, with Dr. Seuss plates and cups, bought online.

+ Fox in Sox Toss - I cut out ten red felt fox faces, hot-glued on googly eyes and sewed onto white kids socks filled with dried peas to act as bean bags.
+ Stick the Hat on the Cat - I drew a cat minus his hat and glued to two pieces of red card stock, covered with contact paper and made ten hats for the kids to stick on using sticky tape (inspired by "Pin the tail on the Donkey"), made Popsicle stick puzzles using a Dr. Seuss activity book by picking pictures, gluing one side to 5 or 7 popsicle sticks and then cutting them apart with an exacto knife and covering each one with contact paper and putting in bags for the kids to solve,

+ Make a Cat's Hat Magnet - Iused black foam sheets for the hat base and red and white felt that had one side already as a sticker-backing on it with a roll of magnetic tape
Bouncy castle and the trampoline filled with plastic balls in the backyard

Tips:Start a few weeks ahead as you cannot find a lot of Dr. Seuss party supplies in Australia. You can find them online, but I left it too late to do so.

Something special: I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest boards as they gave me the inspiration! I set up a fun Dr. Seuss photo booth with props for the kids to play with while we took photos.

Thank you so much Janel for sharing your amazing party for Brooke. So creative and fun!

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Images: Bondville

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