1 June 2013

Sydney's The Finders Keepers market June 2013 - my favourites

My friend Anni and I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around the Sydney The Finders Keepers market today. I caught up with lots of old friends and made a few new ones. There was a fangirl moment with Emily Green, some snatched hugs from QLD friends and I made some great new discoveries too.

The new venue at Australian Technology Park was perfect - a hip industrial-chic setting with plenty of room between stands. There was the requisite be-bearded musician on stage, food trucks, potted fir trees, and a serious amount of talented, creative people selling their wares.

the finders keepers market sydney june 2013
I fell head-over-heels in love with everything in the Beattie Lanser-for-Harvest Textiles collaboration (and in fact anything at all from Harvest Textiles). The melted icecream jumpsuit had my name written all over it. One day...

Beattie Lanser jumpsuit for Harvest Textiles
Then there was the just-like-a-string-of-marshmallows necklace by BOXY that looked good enough to eat...

BOXY Neutral Territory necklace
Emily Green's new polymer clay egg-shaped drop earrings are hot, hot hot. I'd never be able to pick just one...

Emily Green polymer clay drop earrings

And I loved everything from new-comers Fable Baby and Super Trooper Studio. In fact, they were so amazing that I'm going to dedicate posts to each of them. Watch this space!


  1. Steph, Such a lovely post, and a delight chatting to you yesterday!
    x beattie

  2. Great round up Steph. It was huge and there was lots to covet.


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