4 June 2013

Super Duper Supertrooper Studio Scandi art for kids

Finding the gorgeous Supertrooper Studio at The Finders Keepers market in Sydney on the weekend was a real a-ha moment. I was literally stopped in my tracks by the Scandinavian-inspired artwork and homewares for kids.

The illustrated city art prints first caught my attention. The Super Places collection includes Sydney, Melbourne, Manly, Fremantle (with more to come), translated into posters, cushions and tea towels. Who doesn't love a graphic homage to their favourite city - and Supertrooper Studio does it so well...

Manly poster Scandi graphic
Supertrooper Studio city tea towels
Sydney Scandi-style graphic cushion
This kids' memory card game is features fun, stylised animals in classic red, blue, black and white. The quality of these cards is lovely:

Supertrooper Studio Scandi memory card game
 The kids' animal artwork is also available as wall prints which would work well in both boys' and girl's rooms:

 I particularly love this MiniTipi canvas store playhouse/teepee for kids:

Supertrooper Studio store teepee
Based in Manly, Supertrooper Studio is one to watch. I can imagine these gorgeous graphics as bedding, quilting fabric, kids' fashion and any number of applications. These guys are hot! You can find Supertrooper Studio products in the online store.

Images: Supertrooper Studio


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous prints. I agree that they were a stand out at FK.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous prints. I am very impressed.


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