3 June 2013

Peg board wall nursery by Marjorie Silva

Sydney-based Marjorie Silva is an interior designer and stylist and shares with us today a gorgeous nursery that she styled for Australian designer homewares online store TheHome. I love Marjorie's genius use of the pegboard wall for an ever-changing wall art gallery. Note also how the base colour palette of black and white makes this room look modern and fresh.

Baby Bottles: Cherub Baby Bottles
White framed wall art: Little Big House
Black-framed wall art: MidCenturyChild A3 Australian animal prints
Booties: Annabel Trends
Rug: NSW Leather Co pink cow hide
Rabbit wall decals: Little Sticker Boy

Cot linen: IKEA
Cot pillows: Xavier & Me
Storage basket: Mor Stor

Small storage cups on wall: IKEA
Spice rack book and bottle shelves: IKEA
Side table: Componibili

My favourite pieces are the gorgeous MidCenturyChild echidna, koala and cockatoo wall prints with their harlequin pattern that would work well for both boy's and girls' rooms. Once your child can sit up in bed, the pegboard makes it really easy to move decorative pieces higher on the wall. You'll want to keep any wall decals or picture frames out of reach of little arms, unless you want to find them on the floor!

Marjorie also offers her top hints for putting together a nursery - some gems here:

 1. Invest on items that will carry the design through your baby’s first years. For instance, the cot should be the item you spend the least amount of money on – unless it turns into a child’s bed.

 2. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, movement is important for your baby’s growth and development so invest in a mobile to hang over the crib. If you can, keep the mobile as close to the window as possible so the wind will move it gently.

3. A clever way to make a change table is to use a chest of drawers and add a topper to it. That way, once the baby grows into a toddler, the topper can go and the dresser will continue to shine!

4. Keep the lighting layered in your nursery. Having an ambient light next to your nursing chair and accent lights will have a calming effect on your child.

Head to TheHome to find all the products in the nursery above. Save an extra 20% for the next two weeks with this exclusive discount code for Bondville readers: BONDVILLE (expires 12th June 2013). Thanks Marjorie for sharing this great space with us.

Image: TheHome


  1. Love love love that peg board wall! Very cool idea! :)

  2. yes! Cool peg board wall! I've been trying to think of where and how to use it in my home for some time. love it.


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