28 June 2013

Lego party for 6 year old William

Lego just seems to be universally loved, across generations and genders. It's such a great theme for a child's birthday party, and Sydney Mum Danielle put together a beautiful party for her son William's sixth birthday recently. If you've already got bucketfuls of Lego at home, you already have the basis for the decor. Danielle's used the classic Lego colour palette of yellow, blue, green and red to set the tone for a fun, happy event. Wait until you see the Lego Wheels racetrack - it's genius! We're so lucky to have Danielle share her tips and advice below...

Party: William's 6th Lego Party
Organised by: William's Mum Danielle
Location: At home in Sydney, Australia.
Invitation:  Purchased from tinycornerstore on Etsy.

Cake: After much research on Lego cakes, William requested an ice-cream cake!

Party food:  Lego-wrapped fruit drinks, yellow-frosted cupcakes, Lego-coloured layered jelly, popcorn, watermelon and homemade sausage rolls

Decorations:  Lego Head Storage Container and MiniFigure display case - part of William's Lego collection. Additionally I had Lego party signs made - "Happy Birthday William" in Lego print and Lego Mini Figures with the number 6. (you can find Lego Storage Heads and Lego MiniFigure Display Case on Fishpond)

Birthday Boy Wears: County Road Shirt and Shorts, accompanied with exclusive backstage Lego building pass lanyard!

  • Pin-the-head-on-the-mini-figure - an adaption of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.
  • Team building challenge - we divided the children into two groups and set the challenge of which team can build the highest tower in the allocated time.
  • Individual Lego challenge - each child was given a set of Lego Wheels and charged with the task of building the fastest car, which was to be raced on our home made racetrack. This game was such a hit; the children played this for over an hour.

Tips: This was such a wonderful party, as all of the children truly loved Lego, and therefore completely engaged in all of the activities.  Not to mention there were alot of completely engaged adults with big cheeky grins!  It was such a joy to host this party.

Something special:  An entire afternoon building with his best friends - he was absolutely thrilled, so I suppose you could say the whole party was pretty special!

Thank you so much Danielle for sharing your Lego party with us. William and his friends look like they had a ball. For more great real Australian parties, click right here.

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Images: Danielle via Bondville


  1. I absolutely LOVE this party theme! Huge fan of lego, especially the Tehchnic range! Adore the birthday invitations, stationery. Bookmarking these for inspirations for my son's party!


  2. Hi, I really loved this party. What did you use for a race track? A table tipped on one side? How did the other side get held up?


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