15 May 2013

Make: DIY face masks and party hats for kids by TMOD

Those creators of cool - Sydney's TMOD - have done it again with these gorgeous DIY crafts kits for kids. Choose from make-your-own animal face masks or party hats with watercolour paints and elastic included.


TMOD (Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen) just always seems to have their finger on the pulse. These craft kits are beautifully drawn and right in line with the huge DIY movement. These would make an excellent activity for a kids' party to keep them occupied, and then to be worn for the rest of the event. I'm super-impressed.

You can find TMOD products in the online store as well as stockists around Australia.

Images: TMOD

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  1. These look great especially the DIY mask kit. My daughter loves to paint and to dress up so this will be right up her street.


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