20 April 2013

Make: craft workshops for kids at The School in Sydney with Amanda Lonsdale

I remember going to Day Camp as a child. We all got on the bus and ended up in a big field in a bushy area south of Brisbane. We made humpty-doos and billy tea and damper. We sang a lot of songs, put on a performance at the end of the week, and had an amazing time.

Next July school holidays, there is an equally memory-making (if not a little more cool/urban) opportunity at Megan Morton's The School in Sydney.

Long-time blogger and now home-schooler Amanda Lonsdale (aka Miss Lonny) will be hosting a four-day and two-day craft program for children 6-15 years. Limited to only 12 kids per class, the program will include a different instructor each day, sharing their love of terrariums, printmaking, sewing, photography, paper crafts, and a super-cool "fiesta day". The kids will be coming home each day with armfuls of things they have made, and tales of new friendships too.

I can only imagine how inspiring for the kids at The School - a big, light-filled space, bright craft material, fun instructors, sweet treats and all based in the heart of one of the city's coolest design districts. The kids' craft program looks like a great experience and something the kids will remember for a long time (and I bet the afternoon tea tastes slightly better than our dodgy damper!).

The four-day program will run from Tuesday July 2nd - Thursday July 4th, 2013, and the two-day program will run on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July, 2013. The classes run from 9.30am - 4pm and are fully catered for including a yummy morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. A full description of classes can also be found on The School website on the July 2013 calendar. Read more about The School here on Bondville.

Images: The School


  1. These are cute little kids. They surely are enjoying their skills in arts and crafts.

  2. I always ALWAYS loved arts and crafts, ever since I was small little tot! :D

  3. I always ALWAYS loved arts and crafts, ever since I was small little tot! :D


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