17 March 2013

A Cup of Tea

This is my favourite tea cup. It was my Nanna's tea cup - Edna Casey - and is one of the only things I have of hers, which makes it even more special. Tea always tastes better from this cup.

I loved my Nanna; she was fun and cute and everyone called her 'Little Ed'. I have been having fun the last few years researching my family history using ancestry.com and have found out all sorts of interesting things about my Nanna's lineage. She was brought up in northern England, her grandfather was Prussian/German (Danzig) and her grandmother English, traced all the way back to the 1500's. Her grandmother sadly died in WWII when a bomb landed on her house, just 10 minutes after my Nanna had stopped in for a cup of tea.

I guess that cup of tea was lucky for me!

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. What an awful, yet, dare I say it, intriguing family story. To have had that final cup of tea with someone. Sweet and sad at the same time.
    Alas for me, I am still drinking tea. Can't taste the darn stuff though with this cold.
    Not at all. I wouldn't have missed it. The snuffles will be long gone and forgotten by week's end, the ABCD meet was worth it. ;)

  2. It's definitely a bitter-sweet thing, but lucky for me that Nanna happened to leave when she did. Get well soon Kate!

  3. Wow how amazing! Very lucky she didn't stay for a second cup of tea!!! The mind boggles hey!

    What a beautiful tea cup to drink tea from :)

  4. What a small intimate detail of your family's history to know. It's the small details, don't you think that we remember and pass on in the web of stories told?

  5. beautiful story, Steph! xx Anni

  6. I love that transferware china, so pretty. I love ancestry.com too, fascinating being able to journey back through the family!

  7. It's fab you've been able to trace your history back so far, I don't think many people actually realise that when their grandparent or parents pass, you lose a valuable connection to the information needed to research your history. I've so many blank holes in mine that a couple of questions a decade ago would have solved.



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