22 February 2013

Inspired by the yellow Minyaka Design bubble dress

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the Minyaka Design bubble dress for girls size 1-4 and I haven't been able to get the little yellow version out of my head. I thought it might be fun to put together an "Inspired by" group of Australian-designed products from some of my favourite designers to match the happy summer vibe of this gorgeous dress:

You can find all these delicious Australian-designed clothes, toys, artwork and partyware for kids right here:
1. Inaluxe sooty owl print
2. Beci Orpin folk face cushion
3. Castle pillow case
4. Craft Schmaft Baby Owl Kit (Washi)
5. Little Beehive Cubby House Club lunch box from Lark
6. Love Mae Pocohontas party cups
7. Poppies For Grace honeycomb tissue ball
8. Liana Raine ice block - Lychee, Orange with Cardamom
9. The Little Veggie Patch Co. Heirloom seeds - tomato 'yellow pear'
10. Treehorn Design conceptual building blocks
11. Scruffy Dog Buddy shoes in yellow

Now I feel like a pineapple mojito and a trip to the beach! Enjoy the rest of your summer (and the summer to come if you are in the northern hemisphere). Let me know if you have any of these goodies or have any more yellowy-sunshine products to share.

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  1. Very lovely bubble dress. This will surely look good on my little princess.


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