29 January 2013

Make: vintage hankie bunting and curtain

Do you have any cute vintage kids' handkerchiefs stashed away somewhere? (ask your Mum!). I have quite a cute little collection and as it's not looked fondly upon by institutions to have a hankie stashed in your sleeve anymore (oh the germs!), my old hankies from childhood have been collecting dust.

So! I thought I would come up with a few ideas to use them, and wrote an article about it for eBay's Mum's Business website. You can head here to read it.

First up was some very simple bunting, which I used for my little one's vintage toy-themed 3rd birthday party. I didn't even sew it together, and just used washi tape!

Next was a simple frame with a hankie inside for displaying in a toy room or child's bedroom.

And third is a lovely, light, airy curtain for my little one's room. I secured the hankies together with tape for the trial and will now sew them together as it's just too cute. It also makes a great little table cloth for the kids' table.

What have you done with your hankies, or vintage fabric scraps?

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. These are brilliant ideas. Who would have thought this vintage hankies can be used again for home decorations.


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