22 January 2013

Make: get crafty with old tshirts

I've been getting crafty over the school holidays. There is a big pile of Mr Bondville's tshirts sitting in my fabric stash that I have been meaning to upcycle for a long time. Well an article that I wrote for eBay's Mum's Business was the incentive I needed to start cutting into those tshirts and to get crafty.

As well as framing them, using them for rags, and making an apron, I cut the tshirts up to make tshirt yarn, and tried weaving, knitting and sewing with it. Here are some of my fun projects:

1. Coil bowl
After a bit of practice, I whipped up this cute coil bowl to hold my rings using this great tutorial by Lisa (the red thread).

2. Braided bracelet
I love my new braided bracelet, inspired by this tutorial by Henry Happened

3. Tea cosy
I knitted a simple rectangle using the tshirt yarn and secured with neon Brickie's Line to make this stretchy tea cosy for the tea pot. Super easy.

and.... Baby wipes
The simplest of all - I cut a soft tshirt up into 15cm squares to make a pile of baby wipes. Just add a little Sorbolene and you have an eco-friendly, inexpensive and kind-on-baby's-bum way to clean that little toosh when you're at home. (you could also parcel up in your nappy bag).

As my friend Steph (Moobear Designs) said, I'll never throw away another tshirt again. Head over to Mum's Business to read the whole article. How do you upcycle your (or his) old tshirts?

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Sorry, I seem to have been distracted by your teapot ... ;)

  2. You have some great ideas, I love the tea cosy, very clever. I also really like the idea of material wipes for babies, they are much more gentle on babies skin and very cost effective. Thank you for sharing your tips, I enjoyed reading them.


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