17 January 2013

Laura Blythman art prints - love, lyrics, neon

I follow Laura Blythman on Instagram (oh how I love thee IG creative community!) which is where I drooled over her artwork for her Love, Lyrics, Neon exhibition at The Kaleidescope Gallery in Geelong until 23rd January 2013. And lucky for us - Laura has made beautiful prints of some of her pieces for us to own too!

Yes, I'm a sucker for black and white plus pink and gold. I think these pieces would look amazing in a toy room, child's bedroom, or adult space too. And what a great idea to frame the middle piece in neon pink in the set of three above.

You can find these prints and more in Laura's online store, or head to her exhibition in Geelong to pick up an original. Tell her I sent you!

Images: Laura Blythman | gallery images by Stephen Robb


  1. Laura had for great talent. I will look her up on Instagram. Happy days! X

  2. Laura has such great talent. I will look her up on Instagram. Happy days.

  3. thanks for the tip-off Steph, I have one in the mail to me as we speak. goody goody.

  4. Love how that pink frame just makes the art pop! Very talented artist.


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