24 January 2013

Chalk Chook handmade chalk

My friend Kate (Katie Crackernuts) knows me well and when she sniffs out a great Australian-designed product for families, she sends it my way. Lucky for me, she found a gem with these Chalk Chook hand-crafted chalk products. So great for the school holidays and for parties too!

Created in Brisbane by Mum-of-two Mel, these handmade chalk products come in a rainbow of gorgeous, vibrant colours and great shapes that will inspire kids to play. They are also easier to grip for small hands and softer to draw or write with.

I love love love Mel's suggestion to package them up as individual thank you gifts or favours for a child's birthday party. Also a very cute baby shower take-home gift, or even a wedding favour. Brilliant!

You can find Chalk Chook chalk in the online store.

Images: Chalk Chook


  1. Yes Please!! Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous find! xx

  2. They are indeed gorgeous, and thank you Steph, for sharing Chalk Chook's work.


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