31 August 2012

My professional portrait photos - eek!

I've been wanting to have some professional photos taken for a long time - to go with my bio and with pieces that I have written for publications and other websites. So who better to ask than my friends at Milk & Honey Photography in Rozelle. I'm not used to posting images of myself, but thought you might like to see how some of them turned out, and what the experience was like.

Matthew Duchesne loves taking portrait photos and his style is very much about getting his clients out of the office and in an environment that makes them feel relaxed. We met up at Rosebud Cafe in Rozelle and had a chat about what I wanted to use the images for, and the kind of feel I was looking for. I wanted something relaxed, informal, warm and fun and definitely not corporate at all. I ordered a hot chai tea and a white chocolate and raspberry muffin and we got to work. How amazing are these shots in the cafe with the blackboard behind.

30 August 2012

Prints Charming for Spotlight collaboration

Well I know where I will be heading this weekend for lovely Spring fabrics. Spotlight has teamed up with Bondville favourites and Sydney inner west fabric designers Prints Charming on a great collection.

The Prints Charming collection for Spotlight is printed on cotton drill, 112cm wide and priced at $14.99 per metre. I'm thinking table cloth, cushions, sweet summer frocks for little girls. Those folk art-style birds and hearts are begging for some embroidery detail for a small clutch or pinafore pockets.

Let me know if you have picked up any, and if you have an projects on the boil. Feel free to link to them in the comments below.

Read more about Prints Charming here on Bondville.

Images: Spotlight

29 August 2012

Printables: Free printable vintage Father's Day card

We love making our own cards and I was so excited to see this fantastic 3D printable card on the Sassaby blog. The printables designers at Brisbane-based Sassaby are giving away this vintage Father's Day card printable design, free for you to download and print on your own printer.

I cut the individual pieces out and let the kids go to town sticking them to the card and drawing pictures inside. We printed on standard white cardstock and used double-sided tape, but you could also use foam to get a more pronounced 3D look like Sassaby has achieved above. There are enough elements to decorate both the outside and inside of the card.

Thanks Sassaby for a great printable!

Images: Sassaby

28 August 2012

Stylish Kids: Cheeky Britches

Melbourne-based Giorgia Goddard and Lucy Scott are the dream team behind Cheeky Britches - a fun and fashion-forward label for babies sizes 0000-1. Each range is inspired by a different country, and the current Japanese Blossom collection features fantastic 'samurai' paints, kimono-inspired lines and the traditional 'asanoha' print.

This really is one of the most exciting children's labels that I have seen in a while. The colours are fun, mostly unisex and mix-and-match for maximum outfit options. The matching swaddle blanket is a great idea, and those samurai pants are truly inspired.

All clothes are made from natural and organic fibres and Cheeky Britches' mission is to create high quality, socially responsible, affordable and natural clothing for your kids. The gift set would make an ideal baby shower gift or newborn present.

Thanks Giorgia and Lucy for getting in contact. Friends, this label is going places.

You can find Cheeky Britches in the Etsy and MadeIt stores as well as stockists online.

Images: Cheeky Britches

27 August 2012

The first of the flannel flowers, whale rock and a sponge cake

What a gorgeous weekend; I hope you had a fantastic time. A big happy birthday to my Dad who turned 70 yesterday - we can't wait to have a family celebration in two weeks.

Yesterday some friends came over for a hike in the Lane Cove National Park behind our house. We made it to Whale Rock (can you see the face?), and we found the first of the wild flannel flowers (I got a bit over-excited), and lots of raucous nesting cockatoos. Then home for a BBQ and my first attempt at a sponge cake for our friend's birthday. Here are some happy snaps...

We also spent a lovely morning on Saturday at the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers and Fine Food Markets at the Castle Hill Showgrounds on Saturday. It's a great market (not too big, not too small) with a lovely atmosphere and of course lots of fresh produce. We picked up some beautiful spelt bread loaves, fresh yoghurt, antipasto mix, and some greens. Although the highlight was probably bumping into a dog show, also at the showgrounds. It was a real life Best In Show! Brilliant! These people are serious about their dogs; and their dogs' hairspray. 

Did you get out and about? I've been sharing lots of pics on Instagram (sbond) and Twitter. If you'd like to follow along, let me know you are a reader. I'd love to find out more about you too.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

25 August 2012

Treehorn geo-faceted wood jewellery and toys

I was reading State of Green online store newsletter recently and spotted these incredible handmade wood jewellery pieces by Tasmanian artisan Joe Chester of Treehorn. Seriously folks! I'll have one please. Make that one of each...

The Treehorn collection of geo-faceted necklaces, pendants, bangles, kitchen boards and building blocks are handmade by Joe using only reclaimed, recycled or sustainably grown timber (such as Tasmanian Oak and Douglas Fir). In fact, pieces are often made items from wood trimmings on the workshop floor.

The amazing building blocks would make a fantastic gift for a child of design-savvy parents, but I can also imagine them piled up on display in an adult's room, or even a work desk. Much cooler than a stress ball, that's for sure.

You can find Treehorn wood jewellery and products in the online store as well as at stockists across Australia and New Zealand.

Images: Treehorn

24 August 2012

Make: Your own resin jewellery - yes you can!

Mr Bondville (bless his heart) sent me off to a resin jewellery-making workshop at Barnes in Newtown for my birthday earlier this year. It was 3 hours of theory and practical creative bliss as we muddled our way through our first resin pours, and produced 2 bangles and 2 rings each. Fun!

I wrote a basic tutorial for eBay's Mum's Business website here that you can read to get the low-down, and Barnes have some great kits for beginners (BQueen is especially good). I get so many compliments for my bangles and I love them to bits.

The first step in the process was to have a vision for our pieces (shape, colour, pattern). We then worked on creating the right colour with the first part of the resin liquid mixture. Just a touch of clolour for translucent, more colour for opaque, glitter and pearl for sparkly effects. There were some gorgeous seafoam green bangles happening and a stunning matte black version.

Once we had the colour right, we added the second part of the resin liquid and combined to create a chemical reaction and to begin the to setting process. We then had to be pretty quick to carefully pour the combined resin mixture into the moulds, and used the left-over in small mould trays.

I think we only waited around 15 minutes for the pieces to harden, and then carefully popped them out, and got stuck into the buffing with a fine sandpaper and water. 

Everyone came away with pretty amazing looking pieces. If you think you'd like to try you can contact Barnes in Sydney or look for a resin jewellery-making workshop near you. I'd love to see what you come up with!

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

21 August 2012

Sydney abcd meet-up Winter 2012 - the goodie bag

As promised, here are some photos from the ever-fabulous goodie bag from our abcd meet-up for art, craft and design bloggers in Sydney on Thursday night. The theme this time was 'Sharing' and we encouraged everyone to share something personal to them - from ideas to favourites to things you have made. There were must-try recipes, favourite links, taste-explosion raspberry brownies, and more.

Thank you so much to all the new friends and old that added so much to our conversation: Saffron Saffron Craig Fabrics | Sophie Scoops Design | Amy Badskirt | Kirsten Lilypad Designs | Rachel Rachel Willis Design & The Bowerbird Girl | Amanda Easy Peasy Organic (welcome to our first interstate visitor!) | Lamina Do A Bit | Helen Paper Poetry | Mel Rainbow Lane | Kate Katie Crackernuts | Caroline and Maryann Sew Together | Sarah Twice Designs | Helen ColourMeArt | Cath Bungalow Babble | Sarah Gifts Created | Lisa the red thread | Fran Très Divin | Sarah Sarah Fielke, The Last Piece | Siobhan Beaspoke Quilts | Kirsten Prints Charming | Flo Plume Au Vent | Jo Bubala | Tamara Tamara Ruicens | Sheryl Two Spoonfuls Of Sugar

A huge thank-you of course to my partner in crime Lisa (the red thread) who is the perfect co-organiser and buddy to boot. And did I mention talented? And super-stylish? Go check out her blog here. See you again in November!

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

20 August 2012

Growing, Pinning, Editing, Sharing

Hi everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend. The abcd meet-up on Thursday night was amazing, and I'm busy putting together photos of the always excellent goodie bags. It's been a really busy week with my friend Amanda (of the excellent sustainable lifestyle blog easy peasy organic) and her daughter Nelle visiting. We played hooky from preschool and went to the MCA to see more of the Sydney Biennale.

Then it was the Sydney abcd meet-up on Thursday night with the theme of "Sharing". I gave out some Pinterest tips in the goodie bag and will share these with you this week. This week I also have some great Australian design to share including some Japanese-inspired fashion for babies, drop-dead gorgeous wooden jewellery, and the Bondville newsletter and winner (have you subscribed?).

The girls and I are keeping busy watering and tending to our new veggie patch that Mr Bondville finished on the weekend. There was much mixing of our sandy/clay soil with potting mix and some fabulous compost we found in the depths of the garden. We need to net it asap. Please keep your fingers crossed that the snails/possums/rats/birds/creatures of the night don't devour it before we do!

Don't forget that Father's Day is in two weeks; a gift certificate for a family portrait is a great idea from all the family (my friends at Milk & Honey Photography have a great deal at the moment). I had a ball having some portrait photos taken by Matthew from Milk & Honey Photography on Friday. We took some casual shots at a cafe in Rozelle and found some nice textured walls down some alleyways to play with. I felt a bit famous for an hour! Promise to share when I get them.

OK back to photo-editing. Enjoy the week!


Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

15 August 2012

Write To Me nostalgic stationery

Melbourne sisters Anna and Nicoletta from stationery brand Write To Me are all about the handwritten letter; and I am too. Do you remember how exciting it was to get an email (you've got mail!) and now that we are overwhelmed with electronic mail, it's such a rush to receive something handwritten in the mail. (We have just to convince Australia Post to re-think postage prices). Let's have a look at some of Write To Me's beautifully illustrated and beautifully styled stationery...

Each product is designed, hand printed and crafted in their Melbourne studio on recycled kraft paper. The range includes cards, tags, wrapping paper, letter-writing sets, postcards, journals, notebooks, party invitations, announcements, treat bags and thank you cards as well as a collection of seasonal products and simply lovely wedding stationery. Oh and a whole new slew of products including a pregnancy journal, pantry labels, book labels and love lunch notes. It's all very nostalgic and I love it all.

I'm especially taken with the bicycle wrapping paper and the robot party pack. You could even let the kids go to town personalising it with their glitter glue stick and colouring in pencils.

You can find Write To Me in the online store and at stockists across Australia.

Images: Write To Me
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