31 July 2012

Wall Craft wall stickers for kids rooms

I wish we had wall stickers when I was growing up. Decals are such an effective and easy way to add art and design to kids' rooms and let their imagination run wild. New-style fabric wall stickers are also easy to move and remove; perfect for changing up when interests move on from pirates to racing cars.

Bondville sponsor Tots n Tales has a great range of Australian-made wall stickers under the Wall Craft brand for both boys and girls and some pretty cool unisex designs too. These wall sticker designs are great for kids' bedrooms as well as toy rooms and rumpus rooms. I love the classic lines of the combi vans, and I know two little boys who would go wild for the dinosaur and transport designs.

Owls and butterflies are always winners with the girls, and the cherry blossom design is something pretty special.

The under-the-sea design would work equally well for both boys and girls and shared rooms.

The customised monogram wall decals are a classic, understated addition to a little one's room.

Tots n Tales' Wall Craft wall decals are made from a PVC and BPA-free fabric material and printwd with eco-solvent inks. The stickers are movable, removable and repositionable without damaging walls or paint work. They are suitable for most flat surfaces including cement render, painted brick, glass, wood, tiles, and painted interior walls.

You can find Wall Craft wall stickers at Tots n Tales.

Images: Tots n Tales

29 July 2012

Postcards from Roanoke, VA

I'm still going through all my photos from our trip to the US and Canada recently and wanted to share with you some of these images from our week in Roanoke, Virginia where Mr Bondville grew up.

Roanoke is a small city of 100,000 people in south-west Virginia, in the middle of the Roanoke Valley between Maryland and Tennessee and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and Allegheny Mountains. Hikers and scenic buffs know Roanoke as a pitstop along both the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is famous for it's big illumuninated star on Mill Mountain (Star City!) and is home to the Texas Tavern (serving chile, cheesy westerns and hotdogs since 1930). The larger Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of close to 300,000 and includes Roanoke and Salem (remember the rodeo scene from the Borat movie?), Botetourt County, Craig County, Roanoke County and Franklin County (the moonshine capital of the US). Are you starting to get the picture?

One of my favourite places in Roanoke County is The Homeplace in Catawba, VA. Set in rural farmland, the homestead is packed every night with hungry hikers (from the nearby Appalachian Trail) and folk from Roanoke who have driven 20 minutes out of town for good southern cooking. The menu is set - country ham (or barbeque pulled pork on Thursdays), fried chicken or roast beef and sides (green beans, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, pinto beans, buttermilk biscuits, gravy, spiced apple) and fruit cobbler for dessert. Make sure you have the iced tea to go with it, and if you want more, you just ask for it - this is family style.

On this trip, we took the little ones to the Dixie Caverns in Salem to see the stalactites and stalagmites; the caves were a nice respite from the humid almost-40 degree day.

We also took a picnic up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see Mabry Mill and some of the old rural Appalachian ways of life.

How about the views of the Roanoke Valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spectacular.

Back in the city we also tried out the barbeque at The Blues BBQ Company - goo-od.

A little cooking at home - helping Mimi make preztels.

We also met Speedy the little apricot hedgehog two houses up from Mimi and PopPop's house. How cute is he! He's the world champion, didn't you know.

We also spotted bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, caridinals and blue jays and a deer and fawn that decided to snack on PopPop's flowers.

There were also trips to the mall, the athletic club and my new favourite - Deb's Frozen Lemonade, and daily post-dinner strolls in the balmy evenings. That was until our last night when a huge dorecho storm came through and we lost power. Luckily the airport was open the next morning, but not so lucky for 20,000 Roanoke residents who were without power for six days! See you next time, Roanoke.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

28 July 2012

Liana Raine gourmet popsicles

Spotted on one of my favourite blogs Creature Comforts this week are these amazing gourmet ice pops from Sydney's own Liana Raine (sisters Aja and Bianca) - hip, all-natural and perfect for any party.

Marisa Fleming
Matt Reed Photography
Marisa Fleming
Matt Reed Photography
Matt Reed Photography
Liana Raine artistans icy pops are gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free and made from seasonal produce. For special occasions, Aja and Bianca can personalise your pops and match the flavours and the sticks to your event theme. You can serve the pops on ice, or ensure your pops are kept cool by hiring the super-cute Liana Raine Pop Cart with its sweet blue stripe awning.

You can find Liana Raine pops at markets, cafes and bars across Sydney as well as ordering them directly from Aja and Bianca via their website.

If you're in Perth, check out the gourmet pops from Delish Ice who I wrote about here on Bondville earlier this year.

Images: via Liana Raine

26 July 2012

Design by Kico textiles

Melanie King and Diarmaid Collins are Design by Kico - a cute twosome designing and screenprinting up a storm to create these great cushions and a range of tea towels, tote bags and fabric.

You all know I have an obsession with cockatoos, and Design by Kico offers them in FOUR colourways! How could I possibly choose? I think the kids would like them too. Based in Sydney, they guys are working hard to bring us all an alternative to mass-produced designs on natural fabrics. Pretty fabulous I think.

Mel also has a great blog Design Heaven that I know you will like. Head over and say Hi from me.

You can find Design by Kico in the Etsy store. Get them while they're hot.

Images: Design by Kico

24 July 2012

Cruiser Bicycle Trend

How great is it that the bicycle manufacturers have been releasing gorgeous vintage-style cruiser bicycles for those of us interested in our bike's looks as much as function. I've been seeing these great cruisers everywhere - from Pinterest, to design blogs, to the bike stand in front of The Finders Keepers market. There's even a hip biking magazine, a whole website and at least 2 books (Cycle Chic and Cycle Style) dedicated to cycling fashion out there. Yup, these bikes are cool.

 image: Heather Bailey

Cruiser bike poster girl Zooey Deschanel (of course). image: OK Magazine

image: Sarah Layne Photography

 image via Style Me Pretty. photography: Allyson Magda

Cycling in Surry Hills, NSW. image: Sydney Cycle Chic

 Aussie bikes! Dutch-style vintage bicycle goodness from Papillionaire.

image: From Me To You

I'm all for biking - it increases our fitness, reduces our dependency on fuel, and gets us out and about and off our hineys. We just need the designers (yes, you out there!) to come up with a stylish helmet. Once we can find a helmet to match our cute fifties skirts and neon flats, then I think we'll see biking truly become mainstream (and we need that).

Do you have a cute cruiser bicycle? And have you seen any cool bike helmet designs?

20 July 2012

Make: Dip-dye furniture and homewares trend

Have you seen the dip-dye furniture and homewares trend around the interwebs? The idea is to dip something into paint so that the lower quarter-to-third is covered in a contrasting paint. There are some gorgeous commericial furniture versions available (see Koskela) and you can create your own dip-dye look easily at home, both on furniture and homewares such as vases, baskets, wooden utensils, plant pots, tins and jars.

Want to know how? Head over to eBay's Mum's Business Website where I've written a how-to article. Here are some fun projects that I dip-dyed around the house to show how easy it is. Note, that if you don't seal the paint, you can't wash the products, so my chopsticks and tea cups are for decoration only.

 mini milk bottles or juice bottle dip-dyed and used as bud vases

dip-dye wooden chopsticks in pastel colours (not for eating)

mini tea cups dip-dyed (not for washing)

Have fun making! It's an easy project to try with kids too. Next up for me - dip-dying jars for my pantry and empty tins for pen holders. If you have tried dip-dying, post a link to your images below. I'd love to see them.

Imges: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

19 July 2012

Removable wallpaper from The Wall Sticker Company

If you are a commitment-phobe (like me), or a renter (like me), or both (like me), then you will love these amazing removable wallpaper designs from Bondville sponsor The Wall Sticker Company (like me!). The wallpaper is both removable and movable, so you can move it to other walls, and has a washable, fabric surface. Here are some of the great designs on offer:

My absolute favourite is the World Map removable wallpaper. You probably remember seeing this wallpaper on Rowan's bedroom here - it looks amazing. Add removable wall sticker dots to the wallpaper to show where you have been, or where family and friends live. Fun and educational too.

Fantastic randomly-placed Spot removable wallpaper designed by Australian actor, TV presenter and now interior designer and homewares creator, Jane Hall. All the colour options sound great - hot pink, aqua, yellow, grey, red or green on white.

Fun Zoo removable wallpaper by Melbourne artist Jane Reiseger that would work beautifully with her Albi the Elephant and other range of nursery products at Nest Homewares.

Designs for little ones that co-ordinate perfectly with the nursery bed linen by Bondville friend Carla from Habitat Baby. This Floral removable wallpaper in pink is sugar-sweet.

Gorgeous for kids of all ages and adults too, the Herringbone and Horses removable wallpaper by Clair Wyman from Curio & Curio (read more about Clair here on Bondville) comes in aqua, black, cocoa and purple colourways.

You can find these and other gorgeous wallpaper designs (including those by Paige Russell) in The Wall Sticker Company in the online store.

Images: The Wall Sticker Company
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