14 June 2012

Our eating tour of the US

Hi friends. Today we're off on a holiday to visit family in Vancouver, Canada, Baltimore, Maryland, and Roanoke Virginia (and a sneaky day in LA on the way back). I'll still be posting here from time to time, while I eat my way through North America.

These are the AMAZING berries and fruit available in Vancouver at this time of the year...

And this is where I will be eating good southern home-style cooking in Catawba, Virginia...

And these are the crates of peaches..

...and jars of apple butter to pick up from Jamison's farm in Roanoke, Virginia...

And I'm hoping to find an amazing crab shack or two in Maryland to top it off.

I'll be around on Facebook too with updates; please say Hi. Back with you soon!

12 June 2012

Carbon filter water bottles

I had a post all planned in my head around my obsession with my bobble carbon-filtered-on-the-go water bottle. Feeling very ahead-of-the-curve, I shared my idea with Mr Bondville who kindly informed me that "everyone at work has one of those". OK then.

But I wanted to talk about reusablewater bottles anyway, as they are such a big step forward toward cutting out the enormous waste from disposable plastic water bottles (22 billion are disposed every year!). How great are the new carbon-filter bottles. They filter chlorine and contaminents from your water as you drink, and you can refill your bottle from any safe water source.
My favourite is the UK's eau good bottle by Black + Blum. I adore the design of this bottle, with the cork seal, colour tag and exposed Binchotan charcoal. BPA-free of course. Just gorgeous. In Australia you can find them at top 3 by design and until.

US-based bobble (above) has done a fantastic job creating an everyday bottle that also looks great (and sits proudly on my desk all day begging me to drink it - which I most certainly need). Thanks Karim Rashid for your design genius. And thank you bobble for making this product so accessible; you can find it at stockists all over the world and here in Australia at your local grocery store.

Be-gone disposable water bottles!

What do you think of these designs?

Images: top - Black + Blum; bottom - Steph Bond-Hutkin

11 June 2012

Babushka Baby Winter 2012

I'm grateful to Babushka Baby designer Belinda Stabb for keeping me up-to-date on her amazing label. The current Winter 2012 collection is full of gorgeous dresses and outfits for girls in a warm palette with what Belinda describes as a "cultural, gypsy spirit".

As always I love the imagination and thought put into the styling of the Babushka Baby photo shoots. Can you imagine how hard it was to get those alpacas to co-operate! They look perfect against the Andes-inspired fabrics designs.

I'm particularly taken with the little ikat print butterfly-sleeve dress and the two-tone raspberry and lemon smock dress. Which one is your favourite?

You can find Babushka Baby at stockists around Australia and the Netherlands online.

Read more about Babushka Baby here on Bondville.

Images: Babushka Baby

9 June 2012

Sydney For Kids: Vivid Sydney 2012

With an early sunset and families getting tired of Winter already, Vivid Sydney is a fantastic way to brighten up this time of year with its festival of ideas, lights, and music. I took a couple of quick happy snaps of the area around Circular Quay on Thursday night, lit up beautifully in Vivid Lights.

The iconic Sydney Opera House and the lady taking a nap on the sails.

8 June 2012

The Universal Human Need To Make

Lisa and I went to a great Vivid Ideas event last night featuring Jake Nickell from Threadless, presenting on the topic "Never Stop Making". The concept of stepping away from the screen(s) and actually creating something resonated with me, and is a goal that I have been working on for a while.

Jake talked about the power of Making and that creating is essential for the soul; that is, the "Universal Human Need To Make". He also talked about Making in terms of adding to our community through contribution. In this era of information consumption, we need people to Make more than ever.

He went on to talk about just "doing it", trying not to overthink, or predict the outcome of your Making. He suggested making yourself uncomfortable - trying something new and not letting inexperience limit you. Most of Jake's Making is self-taught and he suggested that being an amateur can bring innovation through taking a unique approach. My favourite point in the presentation was the challenge to get together with friends to Make. I love the concept of collaborating on something fun, just for the sake of Making together. You never know what Making may bring.

Jake was joined by other panelists including Aussies Jeremy Somers (We Are Handsome), Dana Tomic Hughes (yellowtrace) and Jai Al-Attas (One Meaning Communicated Differently), who are amazing entrepreneurs and brought similar insights. See pic above with Jake far right (sorry Jake, your face disappeared).

You can listen to Jake's full presentation here on 2 SER 107.3 online. I hope you are as inspired as I am to Make. Maybe a challenge to make some of those pins??? I'm going to make this cute top with some gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn fabric that my friend Karla sent me for my birthday from London. I'm also half-way through a large-scale art piece for the toy-room wall, and have just started a painting for my office.

I'd love to see what you are Making at the moment, or something that you have made recently. I'll be featuring projects and fun things to make with kids here on Bondville too. Keep a look out for the Make posts.

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin using Instagram (follow me @sbond)

6 June 2012

The Finders Keepers market Sydney June 2012

Mr Bondville treated me to a solo morning on Saturday and I spent it wandering around the always-excellent The Finders Keepers market at the Carriageworks in Redfern. There were lots of gorgeous things to see and friends to catch up with.

It was so great to catch up with the lovely Andrea Smith who came along to the last abcd meetup and designed the amazing poster for the market using her signature paper cut style. WOW!

I also chatted to Kylie about the latest at paper boat press, and snapped up a lovely letterpress print and cards from Alischa and Hayden at Bespoke Letterpress Boutique....
(c) Bespoke Letterpress Boutique

Wendy June (and her cute, cute Mum) had some great products on offer featuring her children's book-inspired illustrations. I couldn't resist the brooches (that look ceramic but are child-friendly acrylic)...

(c) Wendy June

The faceted vases and vessels by Phil Cuttance were breathtaking...
(c) Phil Cuttance

I loved the embroidery hoop artwork (and everything created) by Gretel Girl...
(c) Gretel Girl
I was really taken with the illustrations of Emma Leonard (oh my gosh soooo talented)....
(c) Emma Leonard

And so many more - the amazing embroidered wall art by The Land Of Fig, bed linen from Sunday Morning Designs and the dreamy artwork of Beth-Emily. More on those lovely ladies later!

I also bumped into Deni from Free Range Living - shopping and social event rolled into one! Did you get to the market and pick up anything lovely?

4 June 2012

Bondville Lucky Door Prize - $100 voucher from Rowantree Design

Roberta from Sydney-based Rowantree Design has just launched her sweet-as-pie Autumn/Winter 2012 collection for little ones. This season is all about tiny flower prints, Peter Pan collars, nostalgic shapes and Roberta's classic styling. For our monthly Lucky Door Prize this month, Roberta is giving away a very generous $100 voucher for the Rowantree Design online store to spend on the latest collection, to one Bondville monthly newsletter or daily email subscriber. Thank you Roberta! Which pieces are your favourites?

Look out for the winner in the monthly newsletter, coming your way in the next few days. Read more about Rowantree Design here on Bondville.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Lucky door prize will be allocated to one Bondville monthly newsletter or daily email subscriber.
2. There are no entry requirements.
3. This Lucky Door Prize giveaway is open to all Bondville subscribers in Australia and internationally.
5. This Lucky Door Prize giveaway is hosted by Steph Bond-Hutkin via the Bondville blog at blog.stephbond.com.
4. The prize consists of an AUD$100 gift certificate for the Rowantree Design online store
5. Lucky Door Prize winner will be notified in the Bondville Monthly newsletter, sent to subscribers the week commencing 4th June 2012.

Images: Rowantree Design
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