13 December 2012

Loving: The Storybook Rabbit iPhone Cases

I can't take any friends with me when I go to The Finders Keepers market. They get so bored - probably because I spend all my time catching up with stallholder friends and introducing myself to new ones, collecting business cards and sussing out gorgeous Australian-designed goods to write about.

This weekend I went with my friend Lisa (the red thread) (and her daughter Roxy) who does exactly the same thing, so it was perfect. Here's a cute photo that Lisa took of me devouring a bowl of raw pumpkin, pesto, olives and tomatoes from the Veggie Van. Hee hee!

And here is the Christmas present to me from my girls that I bought and surreptitiously handed to Mr Bondville to wrap up for me - the cutest ever iPhone case by The Storybook Rabbit. You might remember (from this post) that I have been looking for an iPhone case for the longest time - mine is black leather - and finally I found something that spoke to me straight away. Bunting! Cute shy rabbit wearing a dress with Peter Pan collar! Australian illustration! And something the girls will love too. Perfect.

These were just one of the many great products for sale by The Storybook Rabbit (read more about Kelly and her designs here on Bondville) and many other Australian designers at the markets. More favourites coming your way soon!

In the meantime, you can find the iPhone cases and more in The Storybook Rabbit online store

Image: The Storybook Rabbit


  1. Always fun going with you Steph x
    Although next time I'll try to make it just us... Roxy did get a tad over it. It was so crowded and it's no fun being jostled when you're half the size of everyone else.

  2. Dearest sweet Steph, the market sounds wonderful and thank YOU so much for introducing me to The Stroybook Rabbit. I am loving those gorgeous phone cases and all her gorgeous work! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


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