20 December 2012

All about blog etiquette

I guess I have some pretty strong opinions about blogging. Most of them revolve around the concept of 'Respect'. Respect for others' words, images, ideas, talents, skills and effort. So when I had the opportunity to write a piece about blog etiquette, I jumped at it, as I hope that I can share my experience with respectful blogging, in particular with those new to the game. If you're interested to find out more (I have a large section on the legal issues around copyright, words, and images), head to eBay's Mum's Business for the full article "Blog Etiquette - a How-to Guide". I would *love* to get your input too. Please comment away...

Image:  PublicDomainPictures via pixabay.com

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  1. Steph I just clicked through to read the article - it's such a valuable and excellent resource. You've done a great job of explaining blogging etiquette and respect in our online community. Thanks!
    (I couldn't leave a comment on the actual article because i don't do facebook and it wouldn't allow me to comment any other way)


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