28 November 2012

Christmas Angels: Australian all-white Christmas dresses for girls

These Australian-designed dresses are gorgeous choices for your snow princesses this Christmas. Snowy white, festive and fun - these are my pick of the best of the best Aussie designs.

Christmas Angels: 1. Silver Service tutu from tutu du monde 2. Kaftan dress from Little Mouse Brown 3. Island white dress from Tea Princess 4. Giselle tutu from tutu du monde 5. Crown Princess tutu from tutu du monde 6. Pure white pleat dress from eeni meeni miini moh  7. Lace ruffle dress from ouch 8. Minihaha white silk dress from Juliet's Closet

I'll be bringing you more Australian Christmas fashion for kids over the next week - keep any eye out here for festive wear for babies, kids and tweens. In the meantime, you can read more about Australian-designed kids fashion here on Bondville.

Does your little one have a special Christmas dress? I'd love to hear about it (I'm always looking out for great brands!).


  1. Oh. my. goodness.

    If only Nelle hadn't asked Santa for an iPad ...


  2. thanks steph, tutu du monde. bookmarked for my 4yo-fairy-dress-loving niece


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