23 October 2012

Harvestbox snacks delivered to your desk and door

The good people at Harvestbox must know that I get the munchies mid-afternoon (hands up - are you with me?) because they generously sent me a box of snacks to try out. I can tell you now - this is a very good idea.

A Harvestbox is a cardboard box with 4 individually-sealed trays of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and cracker snacks. They are posted from the Harvestbox headquarters directly to your door or desk. Each box contains a slight variation depending on market availability, and based on your preferences. You choose the day of the week for your delivery, and can suspend at any time.

My box had a great assortment of nuts and dried fruit (those toasted cashews with honey and sesame disappeared quick-as-a-flash), as well as Mexican-spiced and roasted corn, peas and broad beans. Oh, and my first taste of dried Inca berries. Big thumbs up.

Yes, these boxes are a no-brainer in offices where the vending machine full of foil packets glows invitingly in the kitchen. I also think they are a saviour for busy Mums with newborns who need constant fuel and good sources of energy. And perfect for people like me who work from home or a space with no stores nearby.

I hope that generous business owners are reading - these would make excellent employee gifts and make much more sense than free soft drinks in the fridge. They would also be a great maternity leave gift, or subscription for a new Mum. Or a Christmas gift for someone hard-to-buy for.

Harvestbox is a cool concept by entrepreneurial Australians (based in Melbourne) - another reason to give them our support.

Read more about Harvestbox over at the website, and as a special offer for Bondville readers, Harvestbox is offering a special price for your first box of $3.97 (that's half price!). Use the link here for the special price.

Thanks again Harvestbox! (this is not a sponsored post, but I did receive the box as a free trial)

Images: Steph Bond Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Wow this is very convenient! It's like a Bento Box. LOL. This favors busy persons. I would like to try this.


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