6 September 2012

How To Pin Like A Pro - a Pinterest guide for small businesses

I've written a few articles over the last few months about using Pinterest. One for eBay's Mum's Business website, one that I offered as a download for small businesses (who have had the heads up for a couple of months) and a tip sheet that I added to the Sydney abcd meet-up last month. I thought it was only fair that I should share some tips with you too!

This is a short version of my Top 10 Tips For Small Businesses to get the most out of Pinterest. My emphasis is on keeping true to yourself, and remembering that it's less about promoting your products (although this is important too), and more about using the platform to get to know other like-minded people and possibly form special connections that might be impossible otherwise.

I could literally talk for hours about Pinterest and I'm happy to continue the conversation in the comments below. I am particularly interested in how you are using Pinterest, and what you are gaining from it. Please share!

Pin what you love
Your boards represent your personal brand. Imagine that a talent scout is following you; what would you pin to truly represent your aesthetics?

Pin your products and other products too
Your followers will feel as though they are being marketed to if they are only presented with your products.

Use thoughtful descriptions
Increase the chances of your pins being found through Pinterest Search, by creating useful descriptions with keywords, hash tags and searchable terms.

Categorise your boards
Make sure that all your boards are categorised so that the pins on each board appear in Pinterest's overall category pages.

Like your own products
Use pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite address/ to find pins from your website. You can thank the pinner by commenting, “liking” and re-pinning to your own boards.

Follow users you respect
Write thoughtful, value-added comments, and possibly form an authentic connection with industry leaders, media and bloggers and people you admire.

Use Pin Etiquette
Lead by example. Use your brand name (and link to your website) and credit the photographer.

Keep It Nice
Your reputation is created from every interaction, including the images you pin, or re-pin, and the comments that you make. Keep those comments positive and value-added.

Share your Pins
Make your Pinterest boards work hard for you by sharing your Pinterest URL with your clients, on your website, your email signature, and your newsletters.

Actively engage with your clients
Reinforce your brand and engage with clients by following their boards. Comment on their pins where appropriate, and use the @username feature to share pins of interest with them directly.

Let your clients, friends, contacts and online buddies know you care, and there's a good chance you could deepen your relationships (and that's a good thing).

P.S. Come and follow me over on Pinterest, and let me know so I can follow you too :)

by Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Taking some of your advice now and working on my boards' descriptions and categories! Thanks - great tips! I've followed you - come check us out at Boyosaur - lots of fun stuff for boys!

  2. These are really great tips. It is so quick and easy to repin, thanks for reminding me to spend a little extra time building relationships too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your pins - here are my boards http://pinterest.com/curlybirds/

  3. Great post Steph - very helpful.

  4. I've been spending some time thinking about how I can use Pinterest, so I appreciate this post, Steph. I recently created a board of images showing various steps in my Quiltmaking process, and another showing sketches from my journal - I'm figuring that's a more subtle and enjoyable way of sharing what I do than simply 'here's my artwork - please buy it'. I'm also hoping people enjoy the glimpses into the stories behind my artworks. My board 'The Making of a Quilt' is here: http://pinterest.com/ruthdevos/the-making-of-a-quilt-ruth-de-vos/

  5. Such great suggestions - I especially have to work on my pin descriptions. Since I do pin what I love, I tend to use the word "love" in most descriptions! I've been excited to learn of the many ways Pinterest is able to help small business people - for the longest time I've simply pinned because it's fun, but felt like I ought to lay off pinning to do other social media-esque things. You've basically given me permission to pin to my hearts desire :) Now off to check out your boards, here are mine - http://pinterest.com/AisGladToBeHere/


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