24 September 2012

Great Ocean Road cheese packaging and magazine love

I hope you all had a great weekend and haven't been struck down by the dreaded lurgy that is making its way around. I very luckily timed my sick days with the weekend, which meant I was able to recuperate with much help and am right as rain again now :)

It also meant that I had some time to think and have been working on a Bondville site freshen-up with the talented Lisa Tilse which I am beyond excited to share with you when it's ready.

Some things that I noticed around the traps this weekend:

1. It seems like all my Instagram buddies snapped up copies of the new Real Living magazine to read over the weekend. I haven't bought a new magazine for a long time, but I was also reading Shannon Fricke's blog on the weekend and guess who the October 2012 Real Living magazine cover girl is?!?! I had to buy the magazine to support the use of Shannon on the cover and to thank Real Living for using real, inspiring women (not just young models). Shannon is 43 years old and yes, she is gorgeous, but she is a Mother and a hardworking, authentic woman. Read more about Shannon's journey on her blog. Good stuff Real Living!

2. More magazine love - the new Coles magazine! I loved the September 2012 Coles magazine and made my daughter's birthday cakes, cupcakes and 3 meals from it (what a huge improvement on previous issues). The new issue looks just as promising with beautiful photography and lots of recipes I would like to try (particularly the easy-looking desserts). There's even an iPad app. No, this is not a sponsored post by Coles or by ACP Magazines. Mind you, I did work at Coles casually as a "check-out chick" from 15-21 years of age. But truly - no bias here.

3.Warrnambool Cheese and Butter's Great Ocean Road cheese - I am suckered in by the packaging. This 123-year old Australian dairy has created cheese that is a stand-out on the shelves and celebrates locally-made produce. That deserves a big tick in my book.

How was your weekend? Did you pick up either of the magazines above? And were you a "check-out chick" too? You know I'm always interested to know...


  1. I havent picked up either of these magazines yet. I plan to now though, be a lovely holiday reward ... kids cant have all the fun can they?? x

  2. Hi @Hip Brown - Exactly! We're going camping this coming weekend and I know I should be leaving the mags to savour then, but I'm not sure I will be able to resist temptation. Maybe I'll have to pack them in my bag - out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy the holidays :)

  3. I wish I could get the Great Ocean Road cheese on the Great Ocean Road, seems to get sold away from where it comes from!

  4. Hi @Great Ocean Road - oh no! Try Coles where I found them (oh I sound like an ad for Coles!)

  5. I snapped up a clearance winter edition of Gourmet Traveller ... that's my little treat! Once I put down 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed, that is.

  6. How good is that @Amanda! Love a little Gourmet Traveller. Enjoy :)


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