27 August 2012

The first of the flannel flowers, whale rock and a sponge cake

What a gorgeous weekend; I hope you had a fantastic time. A big happy birthday to my Dad who turned 70 yesterday - we can't wait to have a family celebration in two weeks.

Yesterday some friends came over for a hike in the Lane Cove National Park behind our house. We made it to Whale Rock (can you see the face?), and we found the first of the wild flannel flowers (I got a bit over-excited), and lots of raucous nesting cockatoos. Then home for a BBQ and my first attempt at a sponge cake for our friend's birthday. Here are some happy snaps...

We also spent a lovely morning on Saturday at the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers and Fine Food Markets at the Castle Hill Showgrounds on Saturday. It's a great market (not too big, not too small) with a lovely atmosphere and of course lots of fresh produce. We picked up some beautiful spelt bread loaves, fresh yoghurt, antipasto mix, and some greens. Although the highlight was probably bumping into a dog show, also at the showgrounds. It was a real life Best In Show! Brilliant! These people are serious about their dogs; and their dogs' hairspray. 

Did you get out and about? I've been sharing lots of pics on Instagram (sbond) and Twitter. If you'd like to follow along, let me know you are a reader. I'd love to find out more about you too.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Nice work with the sponge Steph..., my mouth is watering!

  2. How lovely has it been to get out and about. We have a lot of bushland around us and each day we can walk into bush - urban bush - but bush. We've been enjoying the tree orchids unfurl and bloom. So special.

    PS: I am a nana. My eldest had her baby on Friday. Perfect little dot. Mother, baby and dotting father all doing well.


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