5 August 2012

Sydney abcd Meet-up Winter 2012: Sharing

Hi gang, it's time again for our quarterly Sydney abcd meet-up for art, craft and design bloggers. We would love to invite you to come along to our next meet-up on Thursday 16th August!

Our meet-ups have always been about making connections, so for our cosy winter meet-up we've adopted the theme of 'Sharing'. We figure that our group of lovely and talented women must have a wealth of information and tips they could share with each other in small groups. This will also allow us to mingle and meet new people too!

Venue: The 3 Weeds, 193 Evans St, Rozelle, NSW (back room)
Date: Thursday 16th August 2012
Time: 7-9pm
RSVP: for goodie bags by 12th August 2012 (now closed). RSVP without goodie bags up until 16th Aug in the comments section below.

Parking: street parking gets a little tough in Rozelle; we encourage you to arrive early and have a drink or some food at the bar, or to take public transport. Buses run right up Victoria Rd regularly (get off at the BP). In the spirit of 'sharing' we also want to encourage you to car pool. You never know; there might be someone who lives right near you! Simply comment if you are able to car pool and which areas in the RSVP below.

We will be dedicating about 45 minutes of the meet-up to small group sharing around some interesting topics related to blogging. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their ideas and we will be swapping groups every 6-8 minutes so that you will get to meet everyone. We have lined up some of our abcd girls to be 'conversation starters' with these topics of their choice:

Kate (Katie Crackernuts): How much do you actually share - private v publicTessa (Down That Little Lane): The most successful promotional tool for my small businessAmy (Badskirt): Why I blogSaffron (Saffron Craig Fabrics): How I've grown my blog audienceSteph (Bondville): Should I keep up with my blog, or just use Facebook?

Make sure you join our mailing list (if you haven't already) to be updated.

We are so excited to hear what everyone has to share and hope it will be a great way to learn from each other and get to know each other as well.

In keeping with our 'sharing' theme we are changing up the ever popular goodie bags for this meet-up. This time we thought goodie bag contributions could be about sharing something a little more personal. Maybe you would like to share a copy of your favourite recipe, a meaningful quote, something you have made, one of your patterns, a photo your love, your go-to online resources, your favourite places to hang out in Sydney, your favourite treat; whatever you would like to share with new friends. Of course please include your website/shop details etc with your goodie. We love to follow up with a visit! Remember, no marketing promotion please - while abcd is a place for sharing we aren't all about promotion - in the goodie bags, or in person.

Goodie bag participation is optional, but you will only receive one if you add something to the bags. Remember to RSVP with GOODIE BAG PARTICIPANT below before 12th August 2012 so we can tally up the numbers and let all the participants know. Numbers are usually around 30, so if you want to get a head start use that as a rough indication, although do be prepared to add more if needed.

We will also be handing out a short survey for you to fill out during the meet-up; we're keen to know how we can improve our meet-ups and help you get to know each other in a meaningful way. For those who can't attend, we will be making the survey available online too.

Don't forget to RSVP in the comments below! We would love to see you.

{You can also find us here on Facebook}

See you there,

Steph (Bondville) and Lisa (the red thread)


  1. YES indeedy!!! I'll be there representing "Natalie Yates Textiles and Fabric" as well as "Wild Cotton Fabric" and "Archie&Moo"

  2. Thanks Steph and Lisa. I will be delighted to come along. Happy to contribute to the topic if sharing. Please include me in the goody bag. Saffron Craig fabrics.

  3. In like flynn, love the catch ups and yes to Goodie Bag... hmm what to share ?! x

  4. I'd love to come and contribute to the goodie bag! Scoops Design (Sophie)

  5. I'm looking forward to joining the ABCD attendees and sharing something interesting...
    Please add Kamilla of 'The British Bower Bird' blog, 'Little Originals' & 'MOHE' to the event and the goody bag participant.

  6. Please add Kareena of 'Little Originals' & 'MOHE' to the event list and contributor to the goody bags.
    Looking forward to sharing!

  7. I'll be attending! Amy of Badskirt. I'll also be joining in the goodie bag fun.

  8. Yay! A girlie night out! I'm SOOOOO in! And I'll be bearing gifts for Goody Bag Participation too! x

  9. Sadly I must decline! Hope everyone has a great evening and can't wait to see the photos girls!!

    Xo Steph aka MooBear & Over It!

  10. Hi!, I'll be attending. Kirsten from Lilypad Designs. I will also be participating in the goodies bag. Thanks!

  11. I will be attending and look forward to contributing to the goody bag. Rachael Willis (Rachael Willis Design / 'the bowerbird girl' blog)

  12. Hi
    I would love to come too!
    It's Sammy Donnan from Skipping Rainbows. Http://wwww.skippingrainbows.com.au
    And count me in for a goody bag item.

    Thanks so much

  13. I WISH I WISH I WISH!!!!! Wouldn't it be fun to leave daughter with hubbie and cruise down for a couple of days? Hmmmm ....

  14. Mel@Georgica Pond3:29 pm, August 06, 2012

    Hi Steph - would love to come along but still getting settled with my evening routine with baby. Hope its a great night and look forward to joining you at the next one. Melx

  15. Count me in... I would love to come and also I would love to contribute to the goodies bag :)

    lamina - doabit.blogspot.com


  16. Yes, Helen/Paper Poetry would love to come along and also contribute to the goodies bag... thanks!

  17. Hi Steph
    Please count me in for this one, I would love to leave Santas workshop for a few hours and join you!
    I also have something I'd love to give for the goody bags yay!
    See you soon!
    Mel (Lady) Moss
    Rainbow Lane

  18. I am RSVPing with a yes and a yes to the goodie bag.

  19. My sister Maryanne and I would love to come. We'd love to contribute to the goodie bags, too...

    Thanks so much for organising this!

  20. Hi Steph, Sarah from twice designs will be there! And I'll be whipping something up for the goody bags. I love the recipe idea!
    xxx Sarah

  21. Yes yes yes. I'll be there Steph ... and I'd love to contribute to the goodie bag.

    A big thanks to you and Lisa for organising.
    Jenn x

  22. fran@tresdivin.com.au6:30 pm, August 11, 2012


    I would love to attend.

    Fran Murrie
    Très Divin
    0400 606 908

  23. Hi, I would love to attend.

    Helen Ashley
    0410 680 213

  24. I can do goodie bag too if not too late. cheers, Helen ( ColourMeArt)

  25. Sadly, I can't join you this time...boo hoo!
    Have a wonderful evening lovely ladies!

    Best wishes,

    Alison Lawson

  26. This RSVP is for myself and Sarah Saliba and we are both goodie bag contributors.

    Sarah Saliba is from Gifts Created

    Cath Roberts from Bungalow Babble

    Looking forward seeing you Thursday!

    Cath :)

  27. Hi I'm RSVPing for Thursday and I can do a goodie bag contribution if I'm not too late, which I think I am!

    Sarah Fielke

  28. Thanks Cath for RSVPing for me Looking forward to coming along and having a chat to some amazing ladies

  29. Hi Im RSVPing,

    Shame tho I missed out on the goodie bags but no problem, See you on Thursday!

    Sheryl Cole


  30. Hi,

    I'm RSVP'ing too. Looking forward to it!

    Tamara Ruicens

  31. Hi, I'd love to come along too, it sounds great (just scraping in on the RSVP date)!

    Jo @ bubalablog.blogspot.com.au


  32. I'm bringing a friend too I hope that's ok! Flo Tynan from Plume au Vent in Greenwich


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