31 August 2012

My professional portrait photos - eek!

I've been wanting to have some professional photos taken for a long time - to go with my bio and with pieces that I have written for publications and other websites. So who better to ask than my friends at Milk & Honey Photography in Rozelle. I'm not used to posting images of myself, but thought you might like to see how some of them turned out, and what the experience was like.

Matthew Duchesne loves taking portrait photos and his style is very much about getting his clients out of the office and in an environment that makes them feel relaxed. We met up at Rosebud Cafe in Rozelle and had a chat about what I wanted to use the images for, and the kind of feel I was looking for. I wanted something relaxed, informal, warm and fun and definitely not corporate at all. I ordered a hot chai tea and a white chocolate and raspberry muffin and we got to work. How amazing are these shots in the cafe with the blackboard behind.

Then we moved to the tables outside. I loved the Tolix-style stools and the huge gorgeous cafe windows (and thank you natural wind machine!).

Then we took some shots along the street and walked to a quiet alleyway that Matthew suggested with a beautiful weathered powder blue wall.

I learned all about how to stand to look longer and more relaxed (I'll definitely be using that again) and spent a lot of time laughing and Smizing - all those hours watching Top Model finally put to good use.

I love the shots. And I loved the experience too. Matthew was so easy to work with and didn't rush the process. I felt a bit like a rockstar for an hour!

P.S. huge thanks to my friend Renay who minded my little one for the morning. x

Images: Milk & Honey Photography


  1. Your new photos look just gorgeous Steph :)

  2. Just beautiful Steph! Love your Anthropologie dress and your whole look. Matthew did a great job because I know you were feeling a touch anxious and you look sooo relaxed. Gorgeous! x

  3. You look gorgeous. I've been thinking about doing the same. I haven't needed to, what with sitting behind the news teams and either subbing, editing or, more recently, directing, but eeek, might need to be more front and centre so was thinking I should do the same. Can't I just use a picture from 10 years ago? No greys. Not as many lines and I won't need to pack on a truckload of concealer.

  4. Mel@Georgica Pond8:25 am, August 31, 2012

    Beautiful photos of you Steph, you look like a rockstar! Haven't forgotten about photos of kids bedrooms, will get to it soon. Just juggling unsettled baby!

  5. Lamina, Lisa, Kate and Mel - seriously; thank you for the lovely, kind words. Kate - get on it my friend! You are pretty gorgeous just as you are.

  6. Steph you gorgeous thing! You do look like a Top Model. Love the colour tones too.

  7. What great shots Steph. I think Matthew was helped by having such a gorgeous model too ;) Loving the oufit!

  8. You are a glamour girl! You look totally amazing Steph, I love the natural look of the pics. Milk and Honey had the best model to do an awesome shoot.! x

  9. Woot woot... *starts singing* I wanna be a supermodel *clap clap* ... It's so nice to see you I front of the camera!!

    Hugs Steph

  10. Love! You're so gorgeous, darling!! :)

  11. You look gorgeous and i LOVEEEEEE!!!!! your outfit! So me :)


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