24 August 2012

Make: Your own resin jewellery - yes you can!

Mr Bondville (bless his heart) sent me off to a resin jewellery-making workshop at Barnes in Newtown for my birthday earlier this year. It was 3 hours of theory and practical creative bliss as we muddled our way through our first resin pours, and produced 2 bangles and 2 rings each. Fun!

I wrote a basic tutorial for eBay's Mum's Business website here that you can read to get the low-down, and Barnes have some great kits for beginners (BQueen is especially good). I get so many compliments for my bangles and I love them to bits.

The first step in the process was to have a vision for our pieces (shape, colour, pattern). We then worked on creating the right colour with the first part of the resin liquid mixture. Just a touch of clolour for translucent, more colour for opaque, glitter and pearl for sparkly effects. There were some gorgeous seafoam green bangles happening and a stunning matte black version.

Once we had the colour right, we added the second part of the resin liquid and combined to create a chemical reaction and to begin the to setting process. We then had to be pretty quick to carefully pour the combined resin mixture into the moulds, and used the left-over in small mould trays.

I think we only waited around 15 minutes for the pieces to harden, and then carefully popped them out, and got stuck into the buffing with a fine sandpaper and water. 

Everyone came away with pretty amazing looking pieces. If you think you'd like to try you can contact Barnes in Sydney or look for a resin jewellery-making workshop near you. I'd love to see what you come up with!

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Hi, I was curious about resin jewellery making - thank you for sharing! Also- curious if you used a special sandpaper or just super fine sandpaper from a hardware shop - I'm curious as I have been given an amazing dinosaur designs ring as a present that is a wee bit small, so I was thinking of sanding it a little- do u think it would work?
    Thank you, Thérèse

  2. Hi Therese, you are very welcome! Yes the sandpaper is just normal super fine sandpaper. I definitely think that you could sand the inside of your DD ring to fit you, although you might lose the DD stamp on the inside. Also, with sanding you will change the surface look with the tiny scratches, so if you don't mind that on the inside, I think it's worth a go! Thanks for stopping by, Steph


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