20 August 2012

Growing, Pinning, Editing, Sharing

Hi everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend. The abcd meet-up on Thursday night was amazing, and I'm busy putting together photos of the always excellent goodie bags. It's been a really busy week with my friend Amanda (of the excellent sustainable lifestyle blog easy peasy organic) and her daughter Nelle visiting. We played hooky from preschool and went to the MCA to see more of the Sydney Biennale.

Then it was the Sydney abcd meet-up on Thursday night with the theme of "Sharing". I gave out some Pinterest tips in the goodie bag and will share these with you this week. This week I also have some great Australian design to share including some Japanese-inspired fashion for babies, drop-dead gorgeous wooden jewellery, and the Bondville newsletter and winner (have you subscribed?).

The girls and I are keeping busy watering and tending to our new veggie patch that Mr Bondville finished on the weekend. There was much mixing of our sandy/clay soil with potting mix and some fabulous compost we found in the depths of the garden. We need to net it asap. Please keep your fingers crossed that the snails/possums/rats/birds/creatures of the night don't devour it before we do!

Don't forget that Father's Day is in two weeks; a gift certificate for a family portrait is a great idea from all the family (my friends at Milk & Honey Photography have a great deal at the moment). I had a ball having some portrait photos taken by Matthew from Milk & Honey Photography on Friday. We took some casual shots at a cafe in Rozelle and found some nice textured walls down some alleyways to play with. I felt a bit famous for an hour! Promise to share when I get them.

OK back to photo-editing. Enjoy the week!


Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Loved every moment! can't wait to come back and see the garden in full swing :) Axx


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