20 July 2012

Make: Dip-dye furniture and homewares trend

Have you seen the dip-dye furniture and homewares trend around the interwebs? The idea is to dip something into paint so that the lower quarter-to-third is covered in a contrasting paint. There are some gorgeous commericial furniture versions available (see Koskela) and you can create your own dip-dye look easily at home, both on furniture and homewares such as vases, baskets, wooden utensils, plant pots, tins and jars.

Want to know how? Head over to eBay's Mum's Business Website where I've written a how-to article. Here are some fun projects that I dip-dyed around the house to show how easy it is. Note, that if you don't seal the paint, you can't wash the products, so my chopsticks and tea cups are for decoration only.

 mini milk bottles or juice bottle dip-dyed and used as bud vases

dip-dye wooden chopsticks in pastel colours (not for eating)

mini tea cups dip-dyed (not for washing)

Have fun making! It's an easy project to try with kids too. Next up for me - dip-dying jars for my pantry and empty tins for pen holders. If you have tried dip-dying, post a link to your images below. I'd love to see them.

Imges: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. oh so very sweet! i am trying this for sure. thank you! x

  2. Those vases are so sweet! I've been daring myself to do something like that, but wasn't sure I'd like the flowers inside cluttering up the clean look. Your choice of a single stem is perfect. xo


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