17 July 2012

Half-eaten fruit over on Instagram...

theme = bright

I've been having a lot of fun using Instagram - are you on yet? If not, it's a lot like Twitter, except that the main content in your news feed is photos taken with your smart phone; text is optional. I'm finding it to be an amazing way to get to know online buddies, make new ones, and discover new websites that I love. There's something about the visual nature that allows me to feel closer to people and less anonymous.

As there is a relatively small group of users on Instagram, I get lots of comments and responses to my photos, which is a nice feeling. In fact, a much nicer feeling than I get from Twitter and now even Facebook, where there is sooooo much going on that my little status update is a drop in the ocean and real two-way conversation has gone by the wayside.

So yes, I'm still tweeting and updating my personal Facebook and Bondville Facebook pages (it's a great way to keep up with new blog posts if you don't drop by the site every day), but I'm devoting a bit of heart and soul to Instagram while it's still relatively new.

Would you like to follow along? If you do follow me, please leave a comment to let me know that you are a reader so I can follow you back. I'm 'sbond' and I usually post images of things that catch my eye. Here's a photo of my fruit bowl today. While I was folding laundry somebody devoured a banana, an apple, and a pear, and then put their half-eaten evidence *back* in the bowl!
I have also joined the Interiors Photo Month photo-a-day challenge by Jen Bishop from The Interiors Addict (and based on the hugely popular Photo A Day by Chantelle meme from Fat Mum Slim). It's been a great way to stretch myself creatively a little each day. Here are a few pics I've taken around the house based on the daily themes:
 theme = bedside
theme = collection
theme = couch
theme = books

I guess the pure form of Instagram is based on uploading images that you take yourself. There has been a movement towards people uploading images from their websites, things they have found on Pinterest and screenshots of things they are browsing. I'm less interested in those kinds of images; although I'm sure there are many that enjoy them. It will be interesting to see how Instagram develops and how the users will react to some of the marketing messages that I am seeing. Maybe, like Pinterest, we will have to be vigilant to keep our newsfeed 'clean'.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts too.

If you would like to follow me on social media, here's the run-down:

Facebook: Bondville page: includes links to Bondville posts as well as other links to kids store sales, and other fun things for kids and families that I don't fit on to Bondville. Post 5+  times per week.
Google+: links to Bondville posts.
Pinterest: my personal account: things I love including kids clothes, kids spaces, weddings, cakes, flowers, party ideas, things to make, and more.
Instagram: (sbond) my personal account: random snapshots from my day.
Twitter: my personal account, but also includes links to Bondville posts.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin


  1. Hi Steph, I love instagram too.. I had a great time out at Cockatoo island last weekend. Look for me dudleyred
    To see my shots.. If you fancy :)

  2. Tara your Instagram photos are AMAZING. Following you now. Thanks for letting me know - I've been missing out on all your cool pics.


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