24 July 2012

Cruiser Bicycle Trend

How great is it that the bicycle manufacturers have been releasing gorgeous vintage-style cruiser bicycles for those of us interested in our bike's looks as much as function. I've been seeing these great cruisers everywhere - from Pinterest, to design blogs, to the bike stand in front of The Finders Keepers market. There's even a hip biking magazine, a whole website and at least 2 books (Cycle Chic and Cycle Style) dedicated to cycling fashion out there. Yup, these bikes are cool.

 image: Heather Bailey

Cruiser bike poster girl Zooey Deschanel (of course). image: OK Magazine

image: Sarah Layne Photography

 image via Style Me Pretty. photography: Allyson Magda

Cycling in Surry Hills, NSW. image: Sydney Cycle Chic

 Aussie bikes! Dutch-style vintage bicycle goodness from Papillionaire.

image: From Me To You

I'm all for biking - it increases our fitness, reduces our dependency on fuel, and gets us out and about and off our hineys. We just need the designers (yes, you out there!) to come up with a stylish helmet. Once we can find a helmet to match our cute fifties skirts and neon flats, then I think we'll see biking truly become mainstream (and we need that).

Do you have a cute cruiser bicycle? And have you seen any cool bike helmet designs?

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  1. Hi Steph,
    I love this cycle mania...I did a post about the bicycles we bought for the beach shack. I must do another post about the people from no. 30 spotted in funny outfits riding around the local streets. x


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