10 July 2012

Beth-Emily artwork and scarves

Oh the gorgeousness of Beth-Emily's ethereal artwork. I was lucky to meet Beth-Emily in person at The Finders Keepers market in Sydney and have a chat to her about her beautiful artwork and see some of her pieces in person.
We were chatting about the preserved birds at the museum and how amazing it is that the staff let you sit down with a piece to examine and draw from. Having a real-life model suits Beth-Emily's super-realistic style, which is hard to capture when drawing from photos. Can you imagine being an artist and spending your days drawing birds in a museum?!? Such a romantic notion.

Hobart-based Beth-Emily's ornithology, flora and fauna artwork is also gorgeous in real-life and was being snapped up left, right and centre at The Finders Keepers. They would make a beautiful gift for a young girl or teenager, and I bet Mum would like one too.

Beth-Emily has also recently expanded the application of her artwork onto these divine silk scarves. Keep an eye out for them at markets (check Beth-Emily's blog for details).

You can find Beth-Emily's artwork in her online store on Etsy.

Images: Beth-Emily

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