4 May 2012

Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream Co.

Part II of my Sydney abcd Saturday Soiree coverage. Take a good look at these ice cream sandwiches from Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream Co. and then race down to your nearest store and get one immediately. They are *that* delicious...
image: Milk & Honey Photography

We were so lucky to have two large platters of Pat and Stick's ice cream sandwiches at our Sydney abcd meetup and the combination of creamy icecream with biscuit was irresistible - every single one was gobbled down by our art, craft and design bloggers.

Pat and Stick's Ice Cream Co. is based in Tempe, where Pat, Stick and the team make the cookie dough, bake the cookies, make the ice cream and assemble the gourmet ice cream sandwiches. And that great taste? It's all about the ingredients - Belgian chocolate, real vanilla beans, espresso coffee, real butter and fresh Australian milk and cream. No preservatives, numbers, fillers or artificial anything.

We can confirm that ice cream sandwiches are great party food; the only trouble is choosing a flavour!

You can find Paty and Stick's Ice Cream Co. sandwiches at stockists across Australia.

Image: Milk and Honey Photography

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