13 May 2012

Butterfly cupcakes trend and Mother's Day wishes

Happy happy Mother's Day to all you 12,000 wonderful Mums out there reading this post. Yes, that's you! Our work is an amazing legacy, and gift to the world. I hope you all enjoy your day with your families (and with them in your thoughts if you aren't together). And to our own Mums too - thank you for inspiration, and endless love.

Remember to take a break today, even if it's just a cup of tea and something sweet to remind you of the sweet things in your lives. This is a delicious lamington butterfly cupcake that my littlest and I made together. Just a few left now from the dozen, and we'll scoff them for morning tea.

Don't you just love the butterfly cupcake, with it's fresh whipped cream, maybe covering a dollop of jam, and those sweet wings perched on top? Do you remember them growing up? Quite different from today's sugary sweet frosting smothered mini cakes. These be-winged cakes were the only cupcakes that we knew and we adored them. I'm calling a trend - the comeback of the butterfly cupcake! (you read it here first...)

Happy Mother's Day!


Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin

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  1. I don't know if I can back this as a trend ... unless you send me a batch to try out. Deal?

    Happy Mum's Day ;) xx


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