2 April 2012

Serendipity and Megan Morton's The School at Koskela

Here's a fun little story for you. This weekend my dear friend Mary was in town from Melbourne. I inserted myself into Mary's busy schedule by offering to pick her up from one friend's house and drop her off at another on the other side of town. With a little child-free time on my hands and a great buddy in tow, we zig-zagged via Rosebery to see the new Koskela store and Kitchen By Mike (which were high on Mary's to-do list).

Well of course the new Kosekla store is something else. It's cavernous and dotted with the coolest, furniture, art, rugs, lighting and kids products you can imagine. It's all brick, white, wood, and lashings of fluro colour on everything from art prints to table legs. I fell madly in love with a black, pink and grey modular sofa with contrasting leather cross-stitches and handles (but that's another story).

I was in design heaven in the kids' section, surrounded by lots of products that I have featured here on Bondville including Two Ruffians wall prints, Curio & Curio cushions, and Castle bed linen and homewares (amazing in real life). I was especially proud to see the Remedy range of eucalyptus skincare and cleaning products in stock (withh the handwash used in the bathrooms!). How great that Koskela so strongly supports Australian design.

We decided to give the long line for the kitchen a miss (I'll be back), and wandered past a huge wall of text and seredipitously straight into a group of crafty people, including lovely uber-stylist Megan Morton (in the most fabulous dress), getting ready for the launch workshop for her new venture The School. Ready for it? The lucky participants were getting ready to make flower bombs (!!!) with the too-cool Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum.

If you haven't yet heard of Megan's The School, head over to The School website and check out the fantastic styling and craft classes on offer for kids and adults by inspiring Australian stylists (including Rachel Castle - read the Castle post here from last week). How GREAT! What an amazing resource for Sydney-siders in such an inspiring venue.

I'll share a few more goodies that I found at Koskela this week. But in the meantime, head over to The School and get on the mailing list, so you (and the kids) don't miss out.

Images: Koskela


  1. what amazing design, the whole design looks like a perfectly scattered set of blocks...

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback!! Your writing is fantastic. So glad you enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you again soon.

    Renee @ Koskela


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