28 April 2012

Photos of the Sydney abcd Saturday Soiree April 2012 Goodie Bag

Photos of our amazing Sydney abcd (art, craft and design bloggers) Saturday Soiree are coming soon. In the meantime, here is a look at the fabulous goodies from the ever-popular abcd goodie bag from creative souls from around Sydney (and further!):

 greeting cards from Jenn (The Blissfull Brush)

cookie from Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes)

original printed artwork from Andrea (Andrea Smith )

jellybeans from Amanda (Amanda Fuller Designs and Kaleidoscope)

 hand screen-printed fabric from Amy (Badskirt)

pillow sewing pattern from Lisa (the red thread)

paper garland from Nicola (Concrete and Honey)

greeting card and gift tag from Kate (Another Donkey Design)

chocolate from Tessa (Down That Little Lane)

printed fabric from Svenja (0049 Design  and indentitaet
card and fabric samples from T (Designed To A T)

card, gift tag and peg from Tara (Dudley Red Head)
sugar hearts in glass jar from Leanne (Sweet Style and Mrs A in The Cove)
magnet, postcard, sewn gift tag and tickets from Denise (grrl + dog)
 button bracelet from Steph (Over It! and MooBear Designs and The TreeHouse)

cookies from Sally (Jambo Chameleon )

softie craft panel from Saffron (Saffron Craig Design)

cookie from Melissa (Mushi & Boo and The Art of Teddy Bears)

votive candle from Kamilla (Little Originals and MOHE)

fabric brooch from Michelle (mewe)

chocolate drops from Anni (Milk and Honey Photography)

Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream Co. ice cream sandwich from Steph (that's me!)

lemon butter from Robyn (Posh Nosh )
fabric keyring from Natalie (Archie & Moo and Wild Cotton Fabric)

hair clip from Deni (Free Range Living and Cheeky Chickies)

I've already consumed all the consumables, and wearing Michelle's brooch right now, and am going to use Lisa's bird pillow project for my first craft club (I don't read enough books to do a book club!) with my girlfriends.

Thank you girls for putting so much effort into making yet another amazing goodie bag.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin


  1. How many gorgeous sweet munchies were in the goodie bags this time? Am super, super jealous.

  2. So many great goodies to be had as usual!! How does your craft club work? I am entrigued.

  3. LOVED the goodie bag ... still getting thru all the sweet goodies. Thanks for posting them all Steph, and thanks so much for hosting with Lisa, your decorations were amazing. x

  4. Well done again Steph. I am so sad I missed this beautifu and yummy event. x Roberta

  5. Love your work Steph. Well done...
    I was too engrossed once we started chatting to take any more pics! So just as well I had those.. X

  6. So happy to have been able to make this one. As always, you ladies put on a great event. Really looking forward to the next one...T

  7. So bummed I couldn't make it, can't wait for photos!

  8. Kate - you were much missed
    Kate - it's a monthly get-together to have a cuppa and complete "unfinished business": could be a craft project, mending, sewing, crossword puzzle, sudoku, book exchange etc etc.
    Jenn- Wonderful to see you; love my cards.
    Roberta - so sad the universe ruined your plans.
    Tara - thank you! So glad you took pics.
    T - can't wait to chat properly at the next one.
    LM - see you at the next one!


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