24 April 2012

Owl Know How by Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles

Thanks to my friends at The Finders Keepers for the heads up - fresh off the press is this fabulous 32-page children's book (and product range) by Aussie collaborators Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles. Owl Know How is illustrated with photos of Cat Rabbit's amazing plush characters in animator Cat and Isobel's built enviroments.

Owl Know How started out as an animation project that Cat Rabbit and Isobel worked together on, and an empire was born. It's gorgeous, and I dearly hope there will be more.

In the Owl Know HOw book, prepare to be transported to Cloud Town, where Cornelia Rabbit lives next door to her best friend Orvi, and problems are solved with the help of owls. Lots of owls! The book comes with it's very own owl pattern for you to make your own felt owl (see finished owl top).

Look out also for the Owl Know How shop where you can pick up the book, plush figures, button badges, handkerchiefs, totes, and limited edition packs of all the goodies as well as a signed copy of the book, gocco-printed bookplate and poster.

Read more about Cat Rabbit here on Bondville.

Images: Owl Know How


  1. What a fab idea!!! I love that it has a pattern to diy owl, too ... I could use some help around the house, if the owls are up for it ...


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