26 April 2012

Gruffalo Party 2 by Bronnie Bakes

Boy I have some very clever readers. Bron from the lovely blog Bronnie Bakes was inspired by Alison Lawson's amazing Gruffalo party, and created her own version for her daughter Molly's 3rd birthday. I love the beautifully-made Gruffalo birthday party picnic on top of the cake. Look at the mini cupcakes, sandwiches, pie and cake with candles! Bron shares with us her tips for a fabulous Gruffalo birthday party.

Party: For my youngest daughter Molly, who was turning 3.

Organised by: Bron (Bronnie Bakes).

Location: Our house (Melbourne).

Theme: The Gruffalo! Molly adores the book and the animated version and has been asking to have a Gruffalo cake for AGES! Not exactly the easiest of themes, but I didn't want to disappoint :-)

Invitation: Made by Bron using Illustrator

Cake: Five-layered vanilla cake with the Gruffalo characters all having a birthday party! (Bron will be providing tutorials for all of the cake figurines/decorations over the next week on her blog, starting with the Gruffalo fondant character).

Party food: Scrambled Snake (popcorn), Purple Prickle Jelly, Gruffalo Crumble Cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with Italian meringue buttercream and crushed Maltesers), Roasted Fox (mini hotdogs), Number 3 cookies, Poisonous Warts (grapes), sausage rolls and chicken sandwiches.

Decorations: Vases with tree sprigs and cookie tin vases from IKEA on the table. Party bags, cupcake baking cups and popcorn boxes made from scalloped boxes from Invite Me. Jelly stamp and wooden spoons from Sweet Style. Bron made all the Gruffalo adhesive labels and tags using Illustrator (see Bron's video on her blog for how she made the tags and put together the goodie bags).

Games/activities: Pass the Parcel, which didn't go down too well as Molly was having tantrums because she thought everyone was unwrapping her presents!

Tips: Write yourself a timeline for the party and make sure you include party food that can be prepared in advance - there is nothing worse than being up all night prior to the party!

Something Special: With Melbourne's weather you never really know what you are going to get and we had one of the wettest and coldest days! Thankfully one of my girlfriends owns a small jumping castle which we put up in the dining room - it was a huge hit with the kids and meant they had somewhere to work off the sugar!


Thank you so much Bron! I am racing off to IKEA to get those tin vases that the cookies are displayed in asap. You can read more about Bron's Gruffalo party here on her blog. Head over this week to find Bron's tutorials for how to make the amazing cake, starting with that grizzly Gruffalo.


  1. Tremendous job Bron! Great sweets and I just LOVE the cake. The characters are really sensational!

  2. Fantastic theme! I love how you carried it through so well! Wonderfully executed :)

  3. Amazing! Any way you'd like to travel to Washington State and assist me with a Gruffalo party?! Yours is brilliant!

  4. Thanks girls for stopping by; I will pass on your comments to Bron.


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