8 March 2012


Brrr.... the seasons are changing. And even though we didn't get a stinking hot summer, our tomato vines still gave us some lovely bounty. These are the last of the toms that sizzled on our taste buds - acidic and full of flavour. We won the tug-of-war with the possums and birds (and yes, bush rats) mostly, with just a few tomatoes donated to our furry friends. The woody herbs are still going great guns, and the chillies are fabulous. Only six more months and we can start all over again :)

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin


  1. Sadly my tom's came out of the ground this week, today I'll turn the soil, add some organic fertiliser and let the soil get healthy. On the 16th March (St Pat's day). I plant my sweet peas. Gorgeous smelling flowers.

  2. Deliscious looking tomatoes and gorgeous photo!


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