6 March 2012

Stylish Kids: P.A.M. for ESP No.1

Australian designers Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) have teamed up with US brand ESP No.1 (you might have seen their fun range of coloured jeans for kids) for a limited edition Autumn collection that is cool-as-a-cucumber.


I think I love the fun camping-meets-caveman story (shot by rockstar photographer Peter Sutherland) as much as the fashion. These are comfy clothes with a healthy dose of style - denims and greys mixed with quirky characters and bright prints. Lots of unisex pieces made for play.

You can find P.A.M. for ESP No.1 at stockists around the world; keep an eye out for this limited edition when it hits the stores for Northern Hemisphere late summer.

Images: ESP No.1

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