13 February 2012

Fillyboo maternity wear for hip Mums

Do you remember the gorgeous clothes by Bali-based Aussie designer Pippa (of Pippa Little fame)/ I was thrilled to discover that Pippa also designs a line of ever-so-hip maternity clothes under the Fillyboo label.

I love the bohemian chic designs, pastel, black and navy blue colour choices and flowing silhouettes. Nothing too tight or too fitting here. I think these might be cooler than my normal clothes!

You can find Fillyboo in the online store .

Images: Fillyboo


  1. I'm in LOVE! Must go and check these out!! :)

  2. Now these are cool. I have just started to need maternity clothes, most of my old stuff is hideous, and I crave comfort. Will check them out.

  3. Of course I am loving the nautical stripe! Pregnant or not!


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