1 February 2012

eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M®'s Autumn Winter collection 2012

Drumroll please.... today the new eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M® Autumn Winter collection for kids 0-14 years hits the shelves. It's this eponymous Australian lifestyle brand's 10th anniversary, and the new collection kicks off the cooler months in style with camping-inspired pieces, and something a little more urban from e3-M.

First up the great watermelon, charcoal and peonie pink palette for the 2-5 year olds from eeni meeni miini moh®. Here are a few of my favourites - perfect for play and for something a little more special:

For the 2-14 year olds, these slick looks from e3-M® are a little bit of Matrix and a lot of cool kid:

And of course the signature look for 0-24 month olds "Enfant". Quality fabric, great style and attention to detail:

eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M® has been a long-term sponsor and partner of Bondville and we wish them a huge happy birthday and enormous congratulations on 10 years of gorgeous Australian design for kids.

You can find eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M® in the online store from 2nd February, 2012.

Images:  eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M®

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