12 January 2012

eBay's Mum's Business

Have you noticed eBay's Mum's Business in my side column? For the last 4 months I've been a contributing editor on this great site, which includes articles from a selection of Australian bloggers about kids, craft, food, small business and in the home.

It's been funn writing about topics that I might not normally cover here on Bondville, and I'm particularly happy with my current article "making jewellery with kids" - a fun little craft tutorial to make a cute brooch/hairclip and of course a macaroni necklace. My big girl had a great time making and modelling the jewellery, and hopefully it will inspire people to get creative with fabric scraps lying around the house.

Head over to Mum's Business to check out making jewellery with kids, as well as some of my other stories...

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Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin, pool party image by Encapture Photography

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