17 January 2012

Australian Artist: Claire Cimbora (Schmooks)

Canberra-based artist Claire Cimbora (Schmooks) caught my eye today on the great kids' online store Baby's Got Style.There is no end of gorgeous wall art and wall decals to choose from. Take a look...


Claire's child-friendly artworks and wall decals (and jewellery too) are inspired by collage, and put a huge smile on my face. Kitties with carousel hats... whales tethered to hot air balloons... llamas in pyjamas - this is my kind of art; sweet, whimsical and perfect for stimulating imaginations big and small.

It's truly hard to narrow the selection down to just a few to share with you. I'd love a whole series of Claire's beautiful work (first up, that magic bunny wall decal!).

You can find Schmooks in the Etsy store.

Images: Schmooks

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