12 December 2011

Fete online magazine

There has been a welcome proliferation of online magazines launching this year, many from Australian editors (see my story on My Little Jedi last week). The quality is astonishing, and so exciting to see another venue for sharing beautiful design. On top of the more established design-oriented blogs and Pinterest, these magazines are providing endless inspiration.

Of the many fabulous online magazines, one that really stands out is the newly launched bi-monthly Fete magazine, produced in Australia by former Wedding Style Guide magazine team members Annabelle Kerslake and Jane Cameron. It's glorious - full of ideas for entertaining, gorgeous editorial by Australian photographers and stylists and chic page design.

The magazine is not too long, which I love, and includes a range of event inspiration from grown-up shindigs to children's parties. In addition to other Aussie favourites est (home decor and lifestyle), Papier Mache (kids), LMNOP (kids), Ivy & Piper (interiors), Paper Runway (paper goods), and a slew of others, I think that Fete is destined for BIG things!

Congratulations Annabelle and Jane on a beautiful publication.

Images: Fete


  1. It looks beautiful. I LOVE the cover image! Perfect.

  2. Oh, thanks for posting this! I hadn't heard of Fete and judging from the pages you've posted here it looks beautiful :)


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