22 December 2011

Australian Artist Spotlight: Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is a Sydney-based illustrator who you might remember from my article about Candy Stripe Cloud who she collaborated with to create the gorgeous Christmas decorations and wreaths. Andrea also has her own store on Etsy where she turns her original collages and paper cuts into stunning wall art, cards and jewellery.

Aren't these prints great?! There's a Scandinavian influence, for sure, with the bold graphic styling, flower and bird motifs. They would suit both adult and child-friendly spaces looking for some folk-y charm. I would adore the square-maned lion with his little village and bird (of course) for one of my girls, and the black and white partridge in a tree is so sophisticated. Head over to Andrea's website to see more of her inspiring illustrations and artwork.

You can find Andrea's art in her online store on Etsy. 

Images: Andrea Smith


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